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When Freedom Rings Series

An Arts Axis Florida podcast series on what has transpired in the art world since the emancipation of slavery on June 19. 1865. Listen and view their open conversations from all people of color.

Episode 1 : Juneteenth

When Freedom Rings. Episode 1 is on Juneteenth. The newly minted federal holiday is a lot more than just another day off from work. Today we speak with an educator and professor at USF, Geveryl Robinson on the history before, during, and after the day we now call Juneteenth. From the significance of the color of the flag, to how her experiences have brought her to where she is today. She says that this is no ordinary holiday and before we celebra

Episode 2: From Otherness to Radical Joy

Wanda- Raimundi Ortiz, a nationally and internationally recognized, award winning interdisciplinary visual and performance artist. She is here to speak on how the intersections of her life and how being a light skinned Afro Puerto-Rican have informed her experience and informed her art. Her goal is to bridge gaps, interrogate systems and make POC, particularly women, more visible in our world. For her, the freedom of art is moving out of tragedy

Episode 3 : Women of Color Part 1 and 2

These episodes entitled Women of Color Part 1 and 2, turn the tables and have host Malaika interviewed! Malaika Hollist along with WUSF Digital Marketing Manager, Adrianna Rodriguez are interviewed by two of our WUSF interns Sherine and Jasmine. These Gen-Zers ask these two millennials on their experiences and how they have embraced growing up as women of color. From their background growing up as females in minority races and how art, community,

Episode 4: African Literature

African Literature with Dr. Arthur Hollist. Dr. Hollist is a professor of English at the University of Tampa. Dr. Hollist joins guest host, Adrianna Rodriguez to speak about the art of writing specifically with African Diaspora writers, what he tries to instill in his students and how stories in the realm of these human experiences helps diversify our understanding of one another and are so important to tell.

Episode 5: Reuniting with Lost Family

Lillie Samuels, the president of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society here in Tampa. We discuss how finding her own family roots started her career and understanding genealogy, the power of DNA and the importance of black families being able to know where their roots come from.