Laser Scanning

Laser scanners capture the surface geometry of an object by measuring the distance of a particular point on an object’s surface from the laser sensor. Laser scanners amass millions of measurements (points) in a three-dimensional field that together form a point cloud. Point clouds can be used to visualize the geometry of objects and can be further processed into a polygon mesh that represents the shape of an object. Access 3D Lab has terrestrial laser scanners (useful for large scale, architectural spaces and landscapes) as well as an articulated arm scanner (useful for smaller objects up to 0.5m2 that do not require colored data). Access 3D Lab has the following laser scanners and peripherals, for use in research and teaching applications:

  • Faro Focus3D x330 HDR
  • Faro Focus3D x330
  • Faro Focus3D Power Blocks (5)
  • Faro Focus3D Battery Chargers (2)
  • Faro FocusS150
  • Faro FocusS150 Power Blocks (2)
  • Faro FocusS150 Battery Charger
  • Faro Design ScanArm 8 axis
  • Faro Edge ScanArm
  • Faro Edge Laser Line Probe for ScanArm
  • FaroArm Portable Folding Tripod (2)
  • Faro Edge Battery
  • Faro Edge Battery Charger