Research and Scholarship FAQs

When to Contact my Unit Research Administrator

Early in the Proposal Planning Phase

As soon as you contemplate submitting a proposal for funding, you should contact your URA (See Find Your URA). Provide any information (and links) that you have such as the sponsor's Request for Proposal (RFP) or the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). 

Reaching out to your URA early in your proposal planning process, will ensure that preliminary information is communicated, and your URA can then assist you with pre-award proposal processes:

  • Carefully reviewing the RFP/FOA guidelines (PI/Institution eligibility, deadlines, proposed format/structure, supporting documents required, budget limitations and requirements). 
  • Establishing a communication portal between the URA and you, as the PI.
  • Answering any questions.
  • Developing an outline of the anticipated proposal planning steps to best prepare the PI and optimize the meeting of projected timelines and the forward movement of the proposal development.
  • Preparing a preliminary budget if the PI decides to go forward with the proposed project development.
  • Initiating the assistance of the Office of Research & Scholarship (ORS) to assist, as needed, with any required narratives (i.e., constructing an outreach email to the Program Officer; writing a letter of intent/interest if so instructed by the RFP/FOA); meeting/talking with the ORS team should the PI want to discuss the proposal narrative structure and proposal component narrative drafts in the early planning process