Research and Scholarship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Pre-Award Development 

  1. Where can I find proposal samples relevant to my discipline and the sponsoring agency?
  2. Where can I find USF general information language that I can transpose onto my grant proposal?

  3. Where can I find needed institutional fact information (i.e., DUN's number, etc.)?

  4. What ORS resources are available to perform a comprehensive proposal narrative review and offer revision suggestions/feedback?

  5. Who will help me to prepare my project budget?

  6. What F&A rate should I use in my proposed project budget?

  7. What do I need to know about summer salaries when preparing my budget?

  8. What is involved in factoring teaching buy-outs?

  9. What do I need to know about cost sharing?

  10. Where can I find budget information related to fringe benefits, equipment, travel, participant support costs, sub-awards, other direct costs, facility and administration costs, & other budget considerations?

  11. Who will help me complete the proposal form set, collect supporting documents, and assemble and review the complete application package?

  12. Where do I find language to include in my proposal for USF's Data Management Open Access Storage?
  13. Where do I find specific information regarding NSF's Broader Impacts?
  14. Where can I find information about using and accessing SciENcv for NSF Biosketches  (includes videos, tutorials, & screenshots)? 
  15. Where can I find information about using and accessing SciENcv for NSF Current & Pending (Other) Support? 
  16. What is the internal form's function? What's involved in its completion (including signatures required) and its submission? 

  17. I anticipate funding by a Federal Agency (or Foundation or Extramural Sponsor) and have to complete a new COI Interest Inventory. How do I register for an Application for Research Compliance (ARC) account?  

  18. Who has signatory authorization to sign my proposals, award agreements, and project invoices/financial statements?

  19. I just received a revised budget request from my Program Officer. What's my first response?