Research and Scholarship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Pre-Award Planning

Pre-Award Development 

  1. Where can I find proposal samples relevant to my discipline and the sponsoring agency?
  2. Where can I find USF general information language that I can transpose onto my grant proposal?

  3. Where can I find needed institutional fact information (i.e., DUN's number, etc.)?

  4. What ORS resources are available to perform a comprehensive proposal narrative review and offer revision suggestions/feedback?

  5. Who will help me to prepare my project budget?

  6. What F&A rate should I use in my proposed project budget?

  7. What do I need to know about summer salaries when preparing my budget?

  8. What is involved in factoring teaching buy-outs?

  9. What do I need to know about cost sharing?

  10. Where can I find budget information related to fringe benefits, equipment, travel, participant support costs, sub-awards, other direct costs, facility and administration costs, & other budget considerations?

  11. Who will help me complete the proposal form set, collect supporting documents, and assemble and review the complete application package?

  12. What is the internal form's function? What's involved in its completion (including signatures required) and its submission? 

  13. I anticipate funding by a Federal Agency (or Foundation or Extramural Sponsor) and have to complete a new COI Interest Inventory. How do I register for an Application for Research Compliance (ARC) account?  

  14. Who has signatory authorization to sign my proposals, award agreements, and project invoices/financial statements?

  15. I just received a revised budget request from my Program Officer. What's my first response? 

Proposal Submission