Research and Scholarship FAQs

ORS Proposal Narrative Reviews

ORS has a grant reviewer/published scholar who has significant expertise and experience in reviewing proposal narratives and providing revision suggestions that position the proposal narrative to be as compelling, persuasive, and polished as possible.

ORS recommends sending your proposal narrative draft as an email attachment at least 5 days before your submission deadline along with the agency's RFP URL. 

narrative review3

The comprehensive review will consider the proposal arrative's Readability  and offer suggestions for optimizing readability & guiding reviewers; Emphasis with suggestions for ways to guide reviewers & highlight important information; Connections and guidance on ways to make stronger connections to project aims throughout the proposal; Confidence with direction on strategies for presenting a more active, confident, and engaging proposal; Clarity and recommendations for ways to improve clarity, concision, and add visual concrete language; Cohesion with suggestions for presenting a well-structured, visually-inviting, and forward-moving proposal: Substance and comments that point to areas that could use more evidence and/or details; & Guidelines with input on how to best align your proposal with the agency's mission and ensure the following of  grant guidelines.