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Limited Submissions

Many funding agencies place limits on the number of letters of intent, proposals, or applications that any one university may submit in response to an announcement. As a result, limited submission competitions are those which limit the number of applications USF can put forward in either a preliminary or full proposal state. Limited submission opportunities are announced via the USF Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) site.

Interested applicants wishing to submit a proposal for any of the Limited Submission programs should see the Guidelines for Limited Submissions, which includes first completing a Letter of Intent (LOI) as specified in the respective announcement and submitting it to Sponsored Research at

If the ORI receives more applications than are allowed by the agency, the Research Council will hold an internal competition to determine which proposals will go forward. Following the internal submission deadline, each applicant will be told if an internal competition will be necessary. Applicants will be notified in approximately two to three weeks from the internal deadline date of the results.

While the ORI makes every effort to list all Limited Submission programs on its website, programs may exist that are limited but not on the ORI site.