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CAS-ORS Conference Presenter Support Program

The CAS-ORS Spring 2022 Conference Support Program funds CAS faculty who are presenting research or research related scholarly activities at an academic conference (either in person or virtual). Faculty may request up to $750 for in person travel or $200 for virtual registration.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants must (1) be tenured, tenure-track, CAS Research faculty, or CAS Permanent Faculty with approved research activity* from ONE USF (Tampa campus, St. Petersburg campus, Sarasota-Manatee campus); (2) Presenting research or research related scholarly activities, i.e. Paper, poster, invited talk, etc. (travelling to present at the academic conference or registering as a presenter for the virtual conference) and (3) not be a recent (in the last 12 months) CAS-ORS internal award recipient.

Please submit the completed applications to Carissa Vetromile at by 5:00 p.m. on February 9th, 2022.

Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) Internal Awards Manuals and Forms

Conference Support Grant (CONF) - This program is designed to foster excellence in research and creative activity at the University of South Florida. Conferences are an important part of the research and creative process because they provide a venue for the dissemination of new information and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. Therefore, the Conference Support program provides supplemental funding for the planning and implementation of national and international conferences in order to enhance the research and creative environment at USF, as well as to bring prestige and recognition to the university and the State of Florida.

Grant Instructions | Re-Budgeting Form | Request to Extend Dates | Final Report Form

Creative Scholarship Grant (CSG) - The Creative Scholarship Grants are intended for USF faculty in disciplines in which outside research support structure is scarce. It is expected that an award will result in research scholarship, the creation of new work, exhibition or performance that will enhance the profile and prestige of USF, and possibly result in securing external funding.

Grant Instructions | Re-Budgeting Form | Request to Extend Dates | Final Report Form

Faculty International Travel Grant (FITG) - This program is designed to provide financial support for scholarly and creative presentations by University of South Florida faculty at major professional meetings and conferences outside the USA. These grants are available for faculty pursuing a career at USF. The goals of the program are to enhance the international visibility and prestige of the research activities and creative presentations conducted at USF and to encourage interaction with international colleagues.

Grant Instructions | Final Report Form

New Researcher Grants (NRG) - The New Researcher Grants are intended for new, early career, USF faculty who are pursuing a faculty/research career in any field at USF, especially those who do not have major start-up funds or established funding sources (external, university, or college/departmental). This includes faculty at the "assistant professor" level (or equivalent) who have not reached their fourth anniversary of employment in this position. The grant program may fund pilot, draft, or preliminary studies/projects and it is expected that an award will result in research scholarship, the creation of new work, exhibition or performance that will enhance the profile and prestige of USF, and possibly result in securing external funding.

Grant Instructions | Re-Budgeting Form | Request to Extend Dates | Final Report Form

Proposal Enhancement Grants (PEG) - The Proposal Enhancement Grant (PEG) program is designed to assist faculty who have received positive reviews of their grant application from external agencies and are close to the pay line, but are not yet funded. The PEG is intended to provide funds to address limitations or problems enumerated by the Review Panel with an expectation of a resubmission to an external agency. The PEG is not intended to be used in place of start-up funds, to initiate an entirely new research endeavor, or to fund research that has not been evaluated by an external funding agency.

Grant Instructions | Re-Budgeting FormRequest to Extend Dates | Final Report Form

ResearchOne - ResearchOne is the brand used by the USF Office of Research & Innovation to promote research-related activities and events that showcase the work of researchers throughout USF. The goal is to support researchers throughout the university and to encourage everyone to learn more about the innovative research work of USF faculty as well as external researchers and other experts in their fields. To be considered a ResearchOne event, a researcher's event must be research-related and include any of the following: Speakers, Exhibitions, Oral or Poster Presentations, Seminars, Symposia, Conferences, Workshops

Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award - Award presented to USF faculty with exceptional research achievements accomplished or recognized during the calendar year. Nominations are made by USF Deans, Department Chairs, and Center/Institute Directors. Visit the USF Sponsored Research Internal Award website for this award announcement.

Call For Nominations | Nomination Form

Other Internal Awards

Creating Research Experiences and Activities through Teaching Enhancements (CREATTE) - This program provides funding for the development of undergraduate research or creative activities within lower or upper-level undergraduate courses. Laboratory courses and capstone courses are not supported by the CREATTE initiative because they already incorporate research/projects and inquiry-based curriculum.

Corridor Matching Research Grants - The Florida High Tech Corridor Council is a regional economic development initiative with the mission to grow high tech industry and innovation through partnerships that support research, marketing, workforce, and entrepreneurship. The high technology focus areas of this initiative are based on key strengths of universities and include Agricultural Technology, Digital Media & Interactive Entertainment, Information Technology, Microelectronics & Nanotechnology, Optics & Photonics, Aviation & Aerospace, Financial Services, Life Sciences & Medical Technologies, Modeling, Simulation & Training, and Sustainable Energy. Funding will require a 2:1 cost match investment (soft/in-kind).

Interdisciplinary Research Scholarship (IDRS) - This scholarship provides funding for support components/supplies that are required for the interdisciplinary research/creative activity. Funds are typically provided to the project mentor in support of the research/creative activity project. Undergraduate students in all disciplines are eligible to apply for the IDRS.

Research in Arts Scholarship - This scholarship provides funding to foster student passion for inquiry and discovery. Two essential elements comprise the RIAS Scholarship: financial support, and comprehensive training in research skills and professional development. Under the direction of faculty mentors and the Office of Undergraduate Research Program Directors, RIAS Scholars who participate in the USF School of Art and Art History's Summer Study Abroad Paris Program develop and produce research-based art projects from idea to installation.

Community Scholars Fellowship - This program supports undergraduate students conducting research that benefits, and is carried out in partnership with community organizations, nonprofits, or local government agencies. The program provides a stipend for a student who will carry out at least 150 hours of research over the course of a semester or a summer. The program also provides funding for research-related expenses and a stipend for the community partner, and if applicable, funding for a faculty "advisor".

Humanities Institute Summer Grants - Each year the Humanities Institute awards up to ten, $5,000 grants to USF faculty to facilitate summer research. Funding for these awards is currently provided by the USF Office of Research and Innovation. Summer grant recipients have a long record of producing innovative and compelling research.