Research and Scholarship FAQs

Large Collaborative/Multi-Investigator/Cross-disciplinary Grants & Large Center Grants

Large Collaborative/Center Grants 

Large Collaborative/Multi-Investigator Grants and Large Center Grants often require the insight, perspective, and expertise of multiple collaborating investigators working as a team. Because of the their complexity and depth, these large collaborative grants benefit from early proposal planning & development.

CAS-ORS Coordination of Services

The primary mission of the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Research and Scholarship (CAS-ORS) is to promote and enhance all aspects of research and scholarship activities within the college. With a focus on coordination of large collaborative projects that are multi-investigator/cross-disciplinary, CAS-ORS can assist Multi-PIs throughout the management of these grant proposals.   

Note: CAS-ORS coordination and assistance can be initiated through the Large Collaborative Grants and Large Center Grants: ORS Proposal Assistance Request Form

Early Planning assistance

  • Facilitates team meetings
  • Connects team members with contacts and/or resources
  • Helps to establish timelines
  • Reviews/outlines agency guidelines
  • Assists with internal & exteral compliance and review processes

proposal development assistance

  • Serves as a resource -- anticipates, researches, and answers questions, generated throughout the proposal process
  • Promotes discussions that serve to clarify proposal intent, guide reviewers, and propel forward the proposal's content, aims/objectives/rationale, structure, emphasis, connections, impact, and team roles
  • Offers assistance, as needed, in constructing an outreach email to the agency program officer, and/or in writing an unsolicited Letter of Interest or a requested Letter of Inquiry 
  • Provides final draft read-throughs and revision suggestions to strenthen proposal narratives
  • Aligns proposal narrative with funding agency's mission guidelines
  • Coordinates with Unit Research Administrators who will assist with budget preparation & other pre-award activities


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