Other Related Policies

USF has a number of other important policies we want you to be familiar with. The below information is designed to guide you to the appropriate policies. Please consult with your advisor if you still have questions.

Academic Integrity

USF values academic integrity. One of your first requirements as a new student was to complete a Canvas tutorial on this subject. You can find additional details in USF’s policy on the Academic Integrity of Students.

Academic Grievances

At the end of a term, some students receive grades they disagree with. In the majority of cases, students should first attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor. When the concern is related to unlawful discrimination by the instructor, students can file a complaint with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity through their Forms page. If you have questions about unlawful discrimination in the classroom, you can contact this office through their website.

Most disagreements can be resolved by working with the instructor. If students are unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, they can ask for the department representative to discuss this issue further. The department representative will determine the appropriate next steps and facilitate the resolution.

For more information, please visit the Academic Grievances page on the CAS website. 

Student Rights & Responsibilities

USF has a number of policies related to student conduct, many of which emphasize your academic responsibilities. Academic responsibilities range from producing work ethically to behavior in the classroom. Policy details can be found on Student Conduct & Ethical Development website.