Bio Advise

Major Electives

Please see the below attached PDF documents for the approved major electives for each Biology Major for the upcoming semesters: Summer & Fall 2024.

**Make sure you are reviewing which campus a course is being offered on to ensure you do not accidentally register for a class you are unable to attend.

**If an elective is not listed under your major, it will not count toward your Major Electives.

If you would like to verify a class is approved, please email us at
**This page is subject to change as courses are added, canceled, or adjusted.

**Courses with the statement 'Will Require a PERMIT' next to them will require you to submit a permit in order to register for the course. Please keep in mind, other courses may still require a permit if there is an error in the system out of our control.

Majors within the Department of Molecular Biosciences.

Majors within the Department of Integrative Biology.

Majors for those admitted Summer 2020 and after:

Majors for those admitted prior to Summer 2020:

If you are majoring in Integrative Animal Biology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Microbiology, or Marine Biology (MRN), please review the email you received from for information about your major electives.