Bio Advise

Biology Internship Review

Internships provide students with real-world experience in the field or fields they are interested in eventually working.

Whether approved for course credit or not, internships are a valuable part of a student's education outside of the classroom.

The following internship opportunities are offered throughout the State of Florida and the U.S. Many of our students have previously participated in these experiences, gaining valuable skills for thier future goals. 

Archbold Biological Station Intern holding an animal skull in a jean jacket and Archbold Hat.

Archbold Biological Station

These internships focus on Ecological Research, Environmental Education, or Land Management at Archbold Biological Station or Buck Island Ranch.

Four CDC Interns are dressed in beige hazard-material suits.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 

The CDC has a variety of paid internships focused on Public Health.

Four members of the Clearwater marine Aquarium are lined up, backs to camera, in their black and blue dive suits.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers internships in a variety of areas including, Marine Mammals, Sea Turtle and Aquatic Biology, Sea Turtle Nesting, and Water Quality. Additionally, students can intern with the Rescue Team to gain hands on experience responding to sea animals in need.

Two female interns in scrubs and masks perform a procedure on a Gopher Tortoise.

Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife 

CROW offers veterinary medicine externships and fellowships.

Intern with tan long sleeve shirt and grey pants kneels down in the woods while safely holding a boa constrictor.

Conservancy of SouthWest Florida

Internships from the Conservancy are focused on environmental topics including science, policy, education, and rehabilitation.

An intern in full dive gear is underwater and showing a healthy brain coral.

Coral Restoration Foundation 

This internship introduces individuals to the nonprofit sector of marine conservation, focusing on the restoration of coral reef ecosystems.

A male DIA intern in a grey suit smiles as they converse with an older DIA agent dressed in a black suit with a blue striped tie.

Defense Intelligence Agency 

Interns at DIA work alongside professionals in their chosen field to further support the mission of the DIA.

A female Biocorp intern in a green t-shirt holds a large lizard inside of a lab.

Everglades National Park - Biocorp

The Everglades National Park has a BioCorp Internship program focused on monitoring and conserving the everglades ecosystem.

Female ZooTampa intern in grey button down shirt is reaching up to feed a blue Macaw parrot.


ZooTampa has a variety of animal and zoo related internships allowing interns to gain valuable hands-on experience in a zoo setting.