New Bulls


Congratulations on your Admission to USF. We are excited to have you as part of our family!

Advising is a partnership and communication is important to ensure a student receives the best and most accurate assistance. For example, students who are waiting on transcripts from other institutions or standardized test scores will want to communicate this to their advisor immediately. This information allows an advisor to provide the most accurate advice regarding a student's first term registration.

Incoming First Year students from high school

Our CAS Advisors register first year students in degree-applicable coursework for their first semester. For students who enter in summer, we will pre-register these students in both summer and fall classes. The purpose of pre-registering students is to ensure they get degree-applicable coursework that is needed to progress in their selected major.

Students transferring from a Private, International, or Out-of-State Institution

After you sign up for orientation, our college will begin evaluating your transfer credits. In cases where we cannot determine degree applicability, a student will be asked to provide additional information. A course syllabus is normally the best documentation for faculty review.

Previously Attended Orientation

Sometimes student attend orientation, and a life change occurs which requires the student to delay their first term at USF. Thankfully, those students are not required to attend orientation a second time. These students will need to meet with an advisor to prepare for their first term registration. More instructions about the process can be found at CAS Students/Returning Students.