New Bulls

Transfer Students

The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes you to the University of South Florida!  As a newly admitted student, here is an outline of next steps to get you started.


All transfer students will need to complete their orientation and advising requirements before the term begins. Once a transfer student is admitted to USF, they should do the following as soon as possible:


We are providing a fully online College overview for orientation in Canvas, which we recommend completing as soon as possible.  

In addition to the online orientation materials, Transfer Students are required to meet with an academic advisor for an individual advising appointment as part of the orientation process.  


Each week, our College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Academic Advisors receive a list of new transfer students who recently signed up for orientation. After receiving the list, CAS Advisors reach out to students to provide them with the advising information for their intended major. Please read this email, follow the instructions included, and reply to the email if you need additional assistance. If you lost your advisor's email, you can find their contact information listed by major at our CAS Undergraduate Advising Webpage.  

Because our CAS Advisors offer remote and on-campus advising opportunities as soon as you have registered for orientation, transfer students have an opportunity to register for classes before completing the full orientation process. However, time and space is limited.  The sooner you respond to your advisor's outreach, the sooner you can begin your USF course registration!


As a reminder, all new students are required to complete the full orientation process prior to their start at USF. Please be sure to follow USF Orientation, USF myBullsPath, and your advisors' instructions so you are prepared and able to start at USF. Please pay close attention to all USF communication. If a student does not complete all necessary requirements before the semester begins, their admission will be canceled.