Pre-law Advising

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Students can reach the Pre-law Committee via e-mail at Please make sure to include your name and U number in all correspondence.

About Us

Our pre-law curriculum is provided through group advising and workshops each semester. Our group advising sessions will cover what you need to know about law school preparation based on where you are in your undergraduate career. The advisors will touch on things like the application process, studying for the LSAT, using our pre-law Canvas page and e-portfolio, and much more. Make sure to bring materials to take notes!

Students who are interested in receiving pre-law advising must first attend a group advising session. These group advising sessions are offered every semester and are divided up by academic standing: one group advising session for first and second year students and one group advising session for third and fourth year students. If you are not sure which session you should attend, you are welcome to attend both.

If you still have more specific questions after attending one of these sessions, then you can contact one of our pre-law advisors for an advising appointment.

In addition to these group advising sessions, we host workshops on the application process and law related topics. Please visit our “Workshops and Events” section for more information.