We have many students who are preparing for law school.

Pre-law advising is a type of academic advising that is focused on the academics and co-curriculars students need for a competitive law school application. There is no major, minor, or certificate program that is necessary for law school preparation. Law school preparation is focused on building the academic skills needed to succeed in law school, which are tested on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and demonstrated in the application process.

We have a group of CAS advisors who work to provide resources and guidance to USF pre-law students. For example, in the Fall and Spring semesters, the pre-law advisors host regular workshops and group meetings with law school admissions counselors. Please share your interest in attending law school with your academic advisor so they can refer you for additional assistance.

Pre-law Committee

At the University of South Florida, we have a pre-law committee ready to help you! This committee is charged with creating, delivering, assessing and continuing the enhancement of an effective and holistic pre-law advising program. Our pre-law advising program is open to students of all majors who plan to attend law school. 

The Pre-law Committee's mission is to provide a roadmap for law school preparation that allows students to take law related courses, associate in law related student organizations, attend workshops and lectures, and meet with pre-law advisors with the goal of successful matriculation into law school after graduation.