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Wendy Babcox

Associate Professor, Photography
MFA Program Coordinator
MFA, University of Florida
Phone: (813) 974-2360
Office: FAH 117


Wendy Babcox works primarily with photographic media and its many hybrid forms. Her recent photographs explore the marks we make in our shared landscapes, from the monumental in scale to the seemingly insignificant gestures of daily life. Often employing sardonic humor in the form of interventions, she investigates landscape formation as both a product of human behaviors and environmental processes. In “You Heap Upon Me” (2015), the subject, overwhelmed by a riotous mass of color and texture, becomes a part of the landscape. In “A Memory is Never Heard” (2016), Babcox creates a large-scale dimensional photographic collage that reimagines the sub-tropical landscape in a site-specific work. In her project “Every Olive Tree in the Garden of Gethsemane” (2016), Babcox examines the intractable conflict in between the Israelis and Palestinians through a suite of twenty-three23 photogravures of each olive tree situated in the fabled garden. Each tree stands as a witness to the conflicts of the past and into the future.

Babcox has extensively exhibited works in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Jerusalem, Russia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Notably, she has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Orlando Museum of Art, The Front in New Orleans, the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids and at the Transmodern Age Festival in Baltimore. She has installed three public art projects, including a permanent installation at the Tampa International Airport. Babcox received a BFA from the University of Colorado and an MFA from the University of Florida.