Minors and Certificates

Not everyone who likes making art and studying art history is able to major in it, we get that. For non-majors wanting to pursue your creative and artistic goals along with your major of study, the USF School of Art & Art History offers minors and undergraduate certificate programs.


A minor in the arts strengthens your critical thinking and visual communication skills, enhancing your ability to solve problems creatively. Students seeking the Minor in Art Studio or the Minor in Art History must meet with the undergraduate advisor Rachel Lynch to complete a declaration form. Please call the Student Services & Advising Office at (813) 974-3660 to make an appointment.

Undergraduate Certificates

Students have the opportunity to explore the broad interdisciplinary scope of the arts through our certificate programs. Open to all majors, these certificates are a result of collaborations with other departments at the University of South Florida. They demonstrate the far-reaching utilization of the arts, as well as how the arts and various fields – from business to mass communications to engineering – can mutually enrich one another.

A certificate is a non-degree program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, a degree program. As an alternative to a minor, certificates focus more on the way our disciplines are related to one another, and they are more concentrated in the number of required credits for completion.

There is no deadline to enroll in a certificate program. Once you have completed the required courses and applied for graduation, you MUST notify Rachel Lynch at the School of Art & Art History Main Office, FAH 231, (813) 974-3660, rhedrick@usf.edu to approve completion of your certificate in order for it to be included on your permanent USF transcript. You will also receive a physical Certificate of Completion.