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Certificate in Electrical Engineering, Digital Design and The Arts

This interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate includes courses from the USF School of Art & Art History and the Department of Electrical Engineering in the USF College of Engineering.

The union of arts and engineering has emerged as a significant intellectual, commercial and educational concept and has sparked creative new programs across the planet. The Electrical Engineering, Digital Design and The Arts Certificate is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in this union, and exploring the overlapping areas of electrical engineering technology and visual arts-design. Innovative products, and innovative productions, are original and have value because of their form and function – think iPhone, Tesla and Avatar.

The goal of the four-course Electrical Engineering-Arts Certificate is to provide a path of increasing exposure to and understanding of this powerful combination, with intensive hands-on experience. Students interested in being introduced to modern electrical engineering concepts and state-of-the-art digital design techniques are strongly encouraged to enroll.

The courses proceed through the phases of idea conceptualization, digital representation of artistic form, digital representation in an engineering form with the introduction of electronically-controlled movement, and developing an introductory understanding of electrical and mechanical functions.

This certificate is designed for students whose career goals may include working in such fields as product design, high technology manufacturing, animation/modeling, interactive game design, robotics, industrial design, and package design. Or, more simply, for students in The Arts who are curious about the process of bringing art to life through electronics and mechanics. It is an opportunity for students in engineering to develop their skills in bringing creative expression and design to the products of engineering. 

At completion of the certificate, it will be listed on your permanent USF transcript, and you will receive a separate diploma.

Certificate Curriculum (Total 12 credit hours)

Core Courses – 12 hours

* It is strongly recommended that ART 2201C is completed prior to ART 3601C. And it is also strongly recommended that EEL 3924 is completed prior to EGN 3060.


How do I enroll in the certificate?

Complete the Certificate in Electrical Engineering, Digital Design and The Arts form to enroll. You will receive a confirmation of your enrollment in the certification program.

For more information contact Rachel Lynch, the undergraduate advisor.

How do I receive the certificate?

Once you have completed the required courses and applied for graduation, you MUST notify Rachel Lynch at the School of Art & Art History Main Office, FAH 231, (813) 974-3660, to approve completion of your certificate in order for it to be included on your permanent USF transcript.

Additional Certificate Requirements

GPA Requirement

A cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the certificate coursework is required.

Course Grade Requirement

The minimum acceptable grade for each course for the minor is a C (not a C-).

Grade Requirement

Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis.

Other Requirements

Depending on year of first enrollment at USF, students may be required to complete an FKL general education math course prior to enrolling in EEL 3924 and/or EGN 3060.

This certificate is offered for degree-seeking students only.

All art classes must be taken in-person. A minimum of 12 semester hours of credit used to satisfy the requirements of a certificate must be from USF courses; at least 50 percent of the required coursework must be earned from the institution awarding the certificate.