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Sculpture Student Work Gallery

Within the past century the tradition of sculpture has vastly expanded to encompass every material, medium and context for the expression of ideas and forms in space and time, from traditional media to light, sound, time and the “real” to the virtual, whether realized in the ivory towers of the art world or in the street. The Sculpture program combines traditional methods and contemporary techniques. 

Header image: Sculpture by Mikaela Williams.
Image right: Performance and sculpture by Jamie Bird

Performance and sculpture by Jamie Bird
Artwork by Johanna Keefe
Artwork by Sasha Adorno

Image left: Artwork by Johanna Keefe. Image right: Artwork by Sasha Adorno.



    Artwork by Lauren Alyssa Howard

  • Sculpture and performance


    Artwork by Jamie Bird



    Artwork by Vanessa Diaz

Artwork by Raquel Garabeli
Artwork by Sarah Krupp

Image left: Artwork by Kim Burns. Image right: Artwork by Sarah Krupp.

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