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Sculpture and Extended Media

Combining traditional methods and contemporary techniques, sculpture is art-making with the best of both worlds. From woodworking and welding to digital fabrication and 3D printing, creating something three-dimensional has never been more fun.


Within the past century the tradition of sculpture has vastly expanded to encompass every material, medium and context for the expression of ideas and forms in space and time, from traditional media to light, sound, time and the “real” to the virtual, whether realized in the ivory towers of the art world or in the street.

This development is an outgrowth of the evolving history that continues to critically question the conventions of “Art” and the exhibition. This evolution opens up all of the spaces and materials of the “real” world as legitimate grounds and materials for an extended vision of sculptural practice. This vast breadth of concept and experience is embraced by the University of South Florida and is reflected in the development of its curriculum, faculty, studios and learning spaces.

Undergraduate Program

Students will begin their study and practice of sculpture by understanding the contemporary issues and theory of the discipline. They will develop individual concepts and also explore materials, tools and processes. Intermediate courses will continue to expand upon the principles and processes, as students develop a higher level of competence and hone their skills.

In advanced classes, students become proficient in mold making and bronze casting. Digital sculpture engages them in hands-on exploration of high polygon digital modeling, where they have the opportunity to digitally sculpt figures and organic forms for 2D images, animation, 3D environments, and digital fabrication. Furthermore, students will develop the skills and knowledge of creating site-specific sculpture, installation and performance. At every level,  students will investigate how formal choices impact meaning to bring depth to their practice.

Our full-time professors, visiting faculty and the school’s visiting artist program present a variety of directions and philosophical attitudes. Students have the opportunity to engage in short-term and long-term interactions with top artists, critics, curators, historians, theorists and culture-makers. Through a broad range of challenges and solutions, students are encouraged and expected to develop their potential, question accepted notions of contemporary art and enter the ever-evolving cultural dialogue of our time. Students will emerge from the program skilled in traditional and contemporary methods, made bolder with a keen critical understanding of the evolution of sculpture and its practice.

Graduate Program

Our nationally ranked Master of Fine Arts degree is an idea-centered program encouraging broad media exploration, in-depth projects and engagement with theoretical and cultural issues.

The MFA program encourages our graduate students to take advantage of excellent private studio space, technical facilities and the opportunity to teach. Graduate students receive focused, individual attention in their studio work from professionally active research and teaching faculty. In their first year, graduate students work closely with faculty as graduate assistants, often helping in their courses and gain experience to teach independently. In their studio work and pedagogy, MFA students are integral to the area’s mission for delivering contemporaneous content.

Degrees / Ways to Study

To study Sculpture and Extended Media at USF, students can pursue the following undergraduate and graduate studio art degrees at the School of Art & Art History.

Area Faculty

Gregory Green, Professor of Sculpture & Extended Media
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:

Noelle Mason, Associate Professor of Sculpture and Extended Media, Master of Fine Arts Program Coordinator
Phone: 813.974.2360 | Email:

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