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MFA Graduate Kalup Linzy Featured in New Frontier at Sundance Institute

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Works by prominent multidisciplinary artist and USF MFA graduate Kalup Linzy were featured in the Sundance Film Festival New Frontier program. Linzy's As Da Art World Might Turn, Queen Rose Family Tree (da Stories), and Heavenly Serenade were a part of New Frontier's 10th Anniversary festival in Park City, Utah in late January 2016.

As Da Art World Might Turn is a web video series based on Linzy's 2006 video Conversations Wit De Churen V: As Da Art World Might Turn, which is in the public collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Whitney Museum of Art. The series is also featured in the private Rubell Family Collection. The piece follows the journey of Katonya, an art-school graduate and painter who attempts to gain a solo show from art obscurity. As Da Art World Might Turn also shows the lives of Big Feet Freddy, Sholeva Sure, and some newly-introduced characters.

Queen Rose Family Tree (da Stories) is an interdisciplinary combination of fine art, music video, and soap opera that chronicles the story of Taiwan Braswell's disappearance and his family melodrama. Taiwan performs his signature song "Asshole" from beyond the human dimension. The da Stories lineup includes Kalup Linzy as well as Michael Stipe, Leo Fitzpatrick, Tunde Adebimpe, Hank Willis Thomas, and James Everett Stanley. The videos were presented alongside Linzy's Queen Rose Family Tree, a collection of 83 paper collages that document the video characters.

Heavenly Serenade is a performance piece that utilizes the pepper's ghost effect, an illusion that creates ghostly projections with the use of plexiglass and creative lighting.

New Frontier at Sundance Institute was created in 2007 in order to disseminate works of independent artists in the fields of film, art, media, live performance, music, and technology. New Frontier is unique in that its curation values both fiction and nonfiction as well as the areas where artistic fields converge to tell stories. A product of new technologies, social media cultures, and transmedia activism, New Frontier is at the forefront of artistic innovation of the last decade.

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