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USF Architecture Student Makes Progress on Tiny House

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Architects are known for planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings, however, few actually take building into their own hands and engage in a project from start to finish. Stephanie Henschen is an architecture graduate who designed and constructed her very own "tiny house," a structure ranging from 100-400 square feet that is part of the larger tiny house movement.

Stephanie outlines her project in her GoFundMe page, where she has raised over $3000 in donations to spend on parts and materials for the house. Her blog details the process of building her structure from the ground-up.

Progress on Stephanie's tiny house was featured on WTSP 10 News after she completed the roof of the structure, giving tangible evidence of her hard work and dedication. Having graduated in May, the structure is a part of her thesis on the tiny house movement and the resulting communities that develop. Stephanie plans to tour the country with her new house in her time after graduation.

Visit her blog for images of the tiny house construction and details on the project.