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Oldsmar Town Center Reimagined by Architecture Students

Monday, May 16, 2016

Architecture students, with the help of USF Research Associate Professor Taryn Sabia, presented their final plans to the Oldsmar City Council.

Their vision for the development district includes pop-up coffee houses, a bike share program, a cultural center, and an outdoor art gallery. The students, after conducting extensive research into Oldsmar's past, found that its history is rooted in innovation. In fact, the students found that the Town Center in Oldsmar is modeled after the Washington, D.C. city center. After visiting Washington, D.C. to research the similarities the students focused on three areas in Oldsmar: The Community Redevelopment Area (CRA), State Street, and St. Petersburg Drive. The students' concepts included introducing wide walkable medians, outdoor amphitheaters, roundabouts, covered walkways, and a vast array of transportation infrastructure including bikes and trolleys. The presentations and concepts focused on Oldsmar's desire to be a walkable city that connects State Street to the waterfront.

"All of you did an amazing job, Council member Dan Saracki said. "I'm really impressed, especially how you did your homework by going to Washington, D.C."

The next step for the Oldsmar City Council is to decide on which elements of the students' design to implement first.

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