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In Tune Magazine Features Professor Clint Randles and USF Music Education

Associate Professor of Music Education Clint Randles was recently asked by In Tune Monthly magazine to write a segment for music educators across North America on what they can do to further the development of "Modern Band" — what is becoming a movement in the K-12 music education profession akin to the spread of the school wind band in schools in the 1920s and jazz band in the 1970s.

The term Modern Band was coined by Melanie Faulkner, Hillsborough County Music Supervisor and USF Music Education master's program alum.

Modern Band is a school music program where instrumentalists and vocalists share the same classroom, where learner-centered pedagogy is championed, and where popular music is legitimized and celebrated as a pathway to lifelong music-making. Found in 30 cities across the United States, Modern Band employs approximately 2,000 teachers and impacts nearly 200,000 students.

USF Music Education is known around North America as one of the premier programs for the preparation of teachers of Modern Band. A new music education master's degree in Modern Band has recently been launched.