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New Cyberbullying Video by Professor Andrew Carroll Advocates for Global Change

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Associate Professor of Dance Andrew Carroll has released a new video on cyberbullying titled Speaking Without Words: End/Delete Cyberbullying.

With this project, Carroll uses the arts as a practical tool for global social change in the hope that the video can help those affected by cyberbullying.

His past video projects include dance-inspired videos on bullying, sex trafficking, and dating violence. He sees the medium of video as being particularly important for creating an emotional attachment with important issues.

"A video potentially can engage emotional connections deeper than a traditional brochure might," said Carroll.
Speaking Without Words: End/Delete Cyberbullying is the culmination of over six months of work, from initial concept to finished product.

Carroll started the project by researching the needs of an effective anti-bullying campaign. He worked with Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center to inform his project with important considerations. He applied this knowledge to create a relevant and meaningful story that connects with audiences.

His work was supported by the College of The Arts Spring and Summer Grants, which he utilized to compensate a talented team of performers as well as a videographer and lighting designer.

The video portrays a young victim of cyberbullying, the hurt of cyberbullying that ensues, and what can happen when individuals step up to promote compassion and understanding. The video emphasizes that no matter how different two people may seem, "we are all more alike than we think."

Carroll has recently shared the video with the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA). He sees connecting his creative work with the AASSA as a logical step considering how organization embraces the arts. Additionally, Carroll sends his message globally since viewers can understand it no matter what language they speak.

Carroll hopes the video will springboard actions that help victims of cyberbullying.

"If it helps even one student," writes Carroll in an email to the AASSA, "then it is a success."

See below to view Speaking Without Words: End/Delete Cyberbullying.

See Carroll's faculty biography at the USF School of Theatre and Dance to learn more.