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USF SACD Alumni Selected for Publication

Tuesday, October 18, 2017

Joshua Riek (Master of Architecture 2015), Israel B. Sanchez (Master of Architecture 2015) and Derek Pirozzi (Master of Architecture 2012) of the University of South Florida, School of Architecture and Community Design, have recently been published in Margaret Fletcher's new book, Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio: The Only Primer You'll Ever Need. Their portfolio contributions were greatly appreciated and reflect the quality of education they had received at USF SACD. There were over 10,000 pages of portfolios submitted by students for possible inclusion in this publication. The final selection displays 400 portfolio examples from 55 designers representing 50 schools nationwide. Derek Pirozzi's portfolio was selected as a full case study and is featured in its entirety in the case study section of the publication.

What the critics are saying:

Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio is a truly impressive and comprehensive guide and checklist. It takes you through the full process of creating portfolios—from the early planning, strategies, initiation and concept development to content, design and production. The fulsome detail and demonstrable examples make this an indispensable tool.
-Nigel Smith, Creative Director, KerrSmith Design

First impressions count, especially when the designer isn't there to do the talking! A persuasive portfolio can win a competition, gain admission to a school, or garner support for a project. Margaret Fletcher provides a valuable, thoughtful, and well-designed framework for anyone who needs to present ideas visually in Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio. This book is a must-have for the bookshelves of designers and non-designers alike!
-Brooke Hodge, Director of Architecture and Design, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California

Designers in the visual arts and architecture have the opportunity to present their work as unique individuals. A myriad of graphic design and presentation skills must be practiced and applied in order to prepare portfolios that successfully portray the attributes of each project's design intent. Margaret Fletcher's Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio offers a comprehensive and easily accessible view into the creation of both print and digital versions of portfolio design. Students and professionals in many disciplines will benefit from its diagrammatic explanations and visually inspiring examples.
-Barbara Ambach, Associate Professor CT College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver

In Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio, Margaret Fletcher describes her extraordinary step-by-step process for designers to re-represent their ideas, experiences and ability to solve problems and inspire the imagination of others.
-Mack Scogin, Architect

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