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Life of Galileo

TheatreUSF presents Life of Galileo.

Life of Galileo

by Bertolt Brecht
Presented by the John Holloway Endowment, Fall 2011

Directed by C. David Frankel
Scenic Design: Shannon Dunbar
Costume Design: Marilyn Gaspardo Bertch
Lighting Design: Kristen Geisler Easterling
Sound Design: John Archer, Nikole Bird

Three people dressed in upper-class 17th century attire speak together.
Close-up of a woman dressed in an aristocratic 17th century gown and mask covering her eyes.
A man kneels on the floor and tries to shield his face with one hand from another person who is threatening to hit them with a large round object.
A woman carries in her arms a cushion, upon which a telescope rests.  Behind her, another woman speaks.
A man peers through a large red telescope.

Bertolt Brecht's Life of Galileo opened both the 2011-2012 season of USF's School of Theatre & Dance, and the yearlong, campus-wide initiative Science, Art, and Culture: An Eternal Braid. Directed by TheatreUSF faculty member C. David Frankel, and featuring one of our 2012 John W. Holloway Endowed Chair guest artists, USF alumnus and local professional actor Jack Holloway in the title role, Brecht's landmark play about the great Renaissance scientist, persecuted by the Catholic Church for defying accepted doctrine, is an examination of power, pragmatism, and courage.