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We Welcome University of the Arts Dance Majors!

If you are a displaced UArts Dance Major, please review the USF Dance Curriculum. If interested in transferring/starting at USF in the Fall 2024, please email Dr. Jenny Kokai with your unofficial transcript to start the conversation!


Admissions Information for the USF School of Theatre & Dance

All prospective students must apply to the University of South Florida. Please submit your application to USF as soon as possible because admission to the university is becoming ever more competitive.

Prospective USF dance majors or minors must:

  • Apply to the University of South Florida
  • Audition during the year prior to their first semester to be accepted into the dance program. 

Prospective USF theatre majors must:

  • Apply to the University of South Florida

There is no audition process for acceptance into the theatre program. Students need only apply through USF admissions and declare a major in theatre. Audition or portfolio review is required for upper level performance and design classes.


The Theatre and Dance Academic Advising can help you with questions about our admissions process and/or programs.


To begin your admission application to the University of South Florida, please refer to the USF Office of Admissions website for requirements, deadlines, and information on how to apply. The links below will guide you to the specific requirements for admission based on your academic status:

Step 2: For Dance Admissions

After applying to USF, visit the Dance Admissions page to schedule and prepare for your audition. Auditions are required for admission to the dance program. To become a USF dance major or minor, you must be 1) admitted into the University of South Florida; and 2) accepted by the dance department through the audition process.

Step 2: For Theatre Admissions

Auditions are not required to major in theatre. ** Simply select theatre as your intended major in the USF admissions application. Students accepted into the University of South Florida will register for courses at the New Student Orientation.

USFTheatre has a voluntary audition/portfolio submission process for prospective student's acceptance into the theatre program through Accept’d.*** Students are NOT required to submit materials; however, if they choose to do so, this will put them in consideration for scholarships through the department or help place students in the appropriate level of classes. To join the Theatre program, students need only apply through USF admissions and declare a major in theatre. 

** Auditions are required for USF students in the theatre performance concentration to progress through the upper-level acting sequence. General auditions occur throughout the year for mainstage performances. These auditions are coordinated through USF's Theatre Department and are not associated with Accept'd.  

***USF participates in the Musical Theatre Pre-Screen, requirements can be found here