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The University of South Florida School of Theatre & Dance facilitates the growth of creative and academic artists and scholars. Rigorous training in the studio and classroom combined with frequent performance opportunities give students practical experience. Theatre students can pursue Bachelor of Arts degrees with concentrations in theatre performance, theatre design, and theatre arts. Dance students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration in ballet or contemporary dance, or a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies. The school also offers minors and undergraduate certificate programs that are open to non-majors and non-degree-seeking students.

TheatreUSF began with the founding of the university in 1956, and the DanceUSF program opened in 1969. In 2002 the two performance-driven educational bodies combined to create the School of Theatre & Dance. You will be part of a community of more than 200 students who design, choreograph, write, collaborate, rehearse, and perform here to transform their passions into a career. Working closely with our nationally and internationally recognized faculty, you will build mentoring relationships that provide the support and guidance to strengthen your skills and confidence. Be it the professional world or graduate school, we provide the education, experience, and fellowship to help you achieve your goals.


You have opportunities to write, design, perform, and collaborate on a variety of productions. Along with learning from faculty mentors, you also work with renowned guest artists brought in each year by the British International Theatre and Holloway Endowment Programs. Spanning classical to contemporary theatre, and featuring comedy and drama, sometimes in musical format, sometimes with horror and fantasy elements, the rich variety of TheatreUSF productions enables you to expand your skills beyond your comfort zone and grow.

If you’re an aspiring playwright, we encourage you to take advantage of the Lily Dishman Playwriting Program. We offer classes in Writing for the Theatre, ongoing readings of new works, and opportunities to participate or attend new play festivals both at USF and in professional spaces.


You form the technical excellence and performance artistry to choreograph and express yourself to your highest standards. Emphasizing the creation of original choreographic works by students, faculty, and guest artists, the program challenges your creativity to its fullest potential. Every semester you and your peers will perform the choreography in showcases open to the community. Offering concentrations in ballet and contemporary dance, you will discover new and more ways to move your body.

DanceUSF faculty are well-known professionals with wide-ranging experience as dancers, choreographers, and teachers. Special guest artists also regularly augment the program, such as distinguished choreographers Robert Moses, Bill T. Jones, Ronald K. Brown, Doug Varone, Trisha Brown, Claudia Lavista, Jennifer Archibald, and Alonzo King (LINES Ballet). The USF Dance in Paris Program lets you do exactly that – dance in Paris with your classmates as you train with international faculty and emerging dancers from around the world.

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