University of South Florida

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Student Experience

Shape your future with a community that believes in your dream.

College is a time of great change—and great opportunity. Here at the USF School of Theatre & Dance, discover a place that fosters connection and growth. Nourish your passion alongside fellow aspiring and emerging dance and theatre artists. Enrich your personal and professional growth through mentorship from experienced faculty.

As a top public research university in Florida, USF offers extensive resources to help students investigate a variety of topics and interests. Pursue creative research that enriches your artistic, intellectual, and professional development.

Frequent cultural events and campus activities also provide ample opportunity to connect with the diverse USF community and learn something new. The College of The Arts hosts interesting and fun events throughout the year, such as musicals, plays, art exhibitions, performances and lectures. Come and experience the talent and hard work of USF students, faculty and staff.

And when you need a break from studying, recharge by:

To learn more about campus life at USF, visit the USF Activities and Programs page.