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Sweet Charity

TheatreUSF presents Sweet Charity.

Sweet Charity

Book by Neil Simon, Music by Cy Coleman,
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields, Directed by TheatreUSF faculty member Douglas S. Hall

Three men wearing white dress shirts, black dress pants, bow ties and vests raise their right arm above their head, their hands bent to be parallel to the ground. Seven female performers, all in dressy retro attire, bend their bodies slightly backwards so that they look up to the ceiling, they keep their arms straight to their sides.
A Black woman wearing a navy dress with a white collar and white polka dots on the sheer sleeves gets her hand kissed tenderly by a man in a plaid jacket. He holds her hand with both his hands. She looks at him kissing her hand.
Four female performers pose seductively on a bench. Overhead, a wash of red-pink lighting covers them.
A group of performers, male and female, dance in a single line. Behind them stands a raised platform designed to look like the entrance to a fancy and glitzy retro sott of hall or restaurant, with purple curtains, soft lights, and a short flight of stairs on either side of the platform.
There are two small round dining tables with two chairs each. It is a dressy restaurant, white tableclothes and a small vase of flowers on the table. A man and and a Black woman are seated separately, the latter sits with her back facing the man, as he turns slightly so that he is facing the side. It looks as if he is talking to her.

Thurs, Oct. 27 - Sat, Oct. 29 | Thurs, Nov. 3 - Sat, Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m.
Sun, Oct. 30 and Sun, Nov. 6 at 3 p.m.

Director: Douglas S. Hall
Music Director: Jeremy D. Silverman
Choreographer/Original choreography restaging: Allison Blanchard
Original Choreography: Bob Fosse
Orchestration: Matthew Croft
Light Design: Beau Edwardson
Set Design: Lea Umberger
Sound Design: Chris Pyfrom
Costume Design: Marilyn Gaspardo Bertch

Hey Big Spender! Meet Sweet Charity, a dance hall hostess with an unending belief in true love that keeps her singing and dancing, laughing and crying, through the seedier side of New York City. See our fabulously talented USF School of Theatre & Dance students put on this 1960's classic!