STS-03: Flip it!

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May 11-12, 2016

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

"Flip it!" - faculty explored the "flipped classroom" technique of moving content delivery to online only, and doing only activities in seat time. Topics discussed included everything from technical options and tweaks to best practices for using the newfound free class time.


Click here for a PDF of the agenda.

Plenary Session Video

 Click here to watch an interview with Dr. Autar Kaw about his experiences with the Flipped Classroom.

STS-03 Autar Kaw Interview Placeholder

Session Handouts

Click here for a PDF of all (30 minute and 60 minute) session handouts. You may also wish to watch the movies provided as flipped content before the event: the Science of Learning lecture, and a how-to on creating such videos.

STS-03 Session 1 STS-03 Purple Cohort

STS-03 Lunchbox Break STS-03 Cohort Group

Participant Report-Outs

STS-03 Participant Presentation STS-03 Participant Presentation

STS-03 Participant Presentations STS-03 Participant Presentations

STS-04 Preview

Click here to watch a preview of STS-04, happening May 10-11, 2017!


Click here for the Excel contact list.

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Shikhar Acharya
Diane Allen-Gipson
Laura Anderson
Patricia Anzalone
Anna Armstrong
Danielle Beasley
Scot Boeringer
Michelle Bourgeois
Maria Brea
Alisha Brown
Dawn Brown
Judy Bryant
Linda Callejas
Elizabeth Cass
Grisselle Centeno
Jennifer Collins
Kyaien Conner
Nathan Crane
Daniel Cruz-Ramirez de Arellano
Melissa Culp
Summer Cunningham
Donna D'Ambrosio
My Lien Dao
Amanda Davis
Stephen Deban
Kristine Del Vecchio
Kamila Dell
Darlene DeMarie
Tara Deubel
Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga
John Dixon
Claudia Dold
Norin Dollard
Elizabeth Dunn
Sheri Eisert
Chris Ferekides
Luis Fernando Cruz
Kim Fields
Jhon Figueroa
Edward Ford
Andrew Franz
Jennifer Friedman
Angela Garcia
Brenda Gilmore
Kim Golombisky
Cecil Greek
Sue Havens
Armando Hoare
Ismael Hoare
Sharon Hodges
Stephanie Jacobs
Chung Seop Jeong
Joyce Karpay
Renuka Karunaratne
Marcus Kilpatrick
Ushiri Kulatunga
Nancy Lewis
June Llerena
Rebecca Lutz
Andrea Lypka
Valorie Mackenna
Matawal Makut
Elizabeth Metzger
Connie Mizak
Wilfrido Moreno
Debra Mowery
Chris Osovitz
Sang Park
Christina Partin
Sarah Pearsall
Joan Perl
Donna Polelle
Ráchael Powers
Gauri Pradhan
Benjamin Predmore
Xizhen Qin
Khary Rigg
Scott Rimbey
Stephen Roggenbaum
Lori Rogovin
Lori Roscoe
Melissa Ruble
Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano
Sudeep Sarkar
Sandrine Savona
Ruthmae Sears
Dan Shen
Chris Simmons
Andrea Smith
Drew Smith
Steven Surrency
Samantha Thomas
Erica Toothman
Ismail Uysal
Tanika Vivien
Steven Walczak
Laurie Walker
Gwen Wantuch
Eric Weaver
Solomon Weldegirma
Joo Yeon Woo
Nora Wood
Janice Zgibor
Rong Zhang
Yan Zhang