Cashier's Office

Line Item Pay

Students now have the ability to direct a payment to a specific charge on their student account. The available categories are for housing, meal plan and/or health insurance charges:

What does it mean that I can pay by line-pay?

Line-pay means that a student or parent now has the ability to pay for a specific charge on the student account.  Housing, Dining, and Health Insurance charges can now specifically be paid in OASIS.

What are the benefits to using line-pay?

Students and parents can now pay specific charges in OASIS to more quickly meet Housing, Dining, Health Services, and Study Abroad deadlines.  Payments will post to the correct charge as specified by the student or parent.

How do I pay my Housing or Dining charge using line-pay?

Students and parents will now see the 'Pay by line item' option (scroll towards the bottom - refer to screenshot) when selecting the amount to pay.  By clicking the 'Pay by line item' button, the box for the specific charge to pay, and by entering the amount in the Payment field, payment will directly pay the charge(s) specified.

For any additional questions/inquiries, you may email us or call us at (813) 974-6056.