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VWR Offers a broad portfolio of products to support Research, Teaching and Clinical Laboratories including:  

  • Equipment and Instrumentation for all your laboratory applications  
  • Chemicals - thousands of chemicals suitable for a multitude of analytical applications... 
  • Chromatography Solutions - Instruments, Columns, Silica, Vials and Chemicals 
  • Cold Storage - Ensure a stable cold storage environment in your lab with our refrigerators, freezers, and more...  
  • Electrochemistry - From pH to conductivity, titration to dissolved oxygen including reagents, standards, spare electrodes and all the accessories...  
  • Laboratory Casework, Fumehoods and Biosafety Cabinets – In Stock and Ready to ship. Include no charge design services  
  • Life Science Offering - innovative, high-quality products for Genomics, Proteomics, Cell Biology, and Microbiology... 
  • Liquid Handling - complete range of liquid handling solutions...  
  • Microscopy - full range of Microscopy products from the most basic of microscopes to cutting edge optical technology...  
  • Ovens & Incubators - superior temperature accuracy and excellent recovery time for demanding applications...  
  • Organic Synthesis  
  • Safety & Industrial - Find eyewear, gloves, respirators, and more for better safety in the lab and throughout your facility...  
  • Spectrophotometers  
  • Temperature Measurement & Thermometers  
  • Titration VWR has everything you need for this common quantitative technique 
  • Weighing VWR - micro and analytical balances...

How to Order: 

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VWR Customer Service  
Ph: (800) 932 5000   
Trevis Prince, USF Sales Representative
Stefanie Torres, Florida Regional Director 
Ph: (954) 329 4474 

Supplier Delivery Terms: 

Delivery times are based on product availability and posted on VWR.com
Consumables such as Chemicals, Plastics, Reagents and Safety products typically deliver within 1-3 business days. 
Equipment and Instrumentation lead times from 1-3 day up to 4-6 for standard products. Custom manufactured products may have longer lead times. 

*Due to Covid-19, many product lines will have longer lead times. 

Supplier Return Policy:

Cancellation and Product Return Policy.  Except for Products that do not meet the limited Product warranty set forth herein, Customer may only cancel or return Products in accordance with the following: 

Customer may not cancel or modify an order without the prior written consent of VWR, which may be withheld for any reason or no reason at all, and any changes may be subject to price adjustment and/or cancellation fees.  Custom Products are not cancellable.  In the event VWR consents to the cancellation of Custom Products, Customer shall reimburse VWR for any and all goods or services that were procured by VWR for the Custom Products, any works-in-progress for Custom Products, and any charges incurred by VWR for the receipt or return of goods used to build Custom Product(s).  If any Services hereunder are canceled or terminated, Customer will pay to VWR the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by VWR prior to receipt of notice of such cancellation, plus VWR’s usual rate of profit for similar work. The minimum cancellation charge for Services is fifteen percent (15%) of the total Services price.

All Product returns must be authorized by VWR, and VWR reserves the right to reject any returns requested more than thirty (30) days after the delivery date.  VWR must receive all authorized returns within thirty (30) days of the return authorization.  Custom Products are not returnable.  VWR reserves the right to reject any return shipment of Product that has not been authorized by VWR or to return such shipment to Customer at Customer’s expense.  If any Product is erroneously shipped to or returned to a VWR facility, Customer will be responsible for removing the Product from VWR’s facility immediately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  All returns are subject to a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking charge for Sourced Products and a minimum twenty-five percent (25%) restocking charge for Manufactured Products.  In the event VWR authorizes a return of Manufactured Products, Customer will be responsible for all disposal fees in addition to any restocking charges.  Customer is responsible for all transportation fees related to returned Product unless otherwise authorized in advance by VWR.  To ensure proper credit, each Product return must include the following information: 

Customer Name and Address 
Purchase Order Number 
VWR Shipping Order Number 
Date of Invoice and Invoice Number 
Item Number and Quantity of Returned Product(s) 
VWR Return Authorization Number 
Reason for Return

Products not authorized for return include: 

  • Products that have been provided under terms indicating that they are non-returnable 
  • Products not in completely resalable condition (including, without limitation, open Products, sampled Products, or Products with damaged, missing, or defaced labeling or packaging) 
  • Products in less than full-case quantities that were sold in full-case quantities 
  • Chemicals, reagents, diagnostics, cultivation media, flammable material, sterile Products, or controlled Products 
  • Laboratory apparatus or instruments that have been used or are without the original packaging, labeling, and manuals 
  • Refrigerated Products, temperature-controlled Products, live specimens, or other perishables 
  • Products which are not inventoried by VWR (“non-stocked Products”) and are not able to be returned to the manufacturer 
  • Products purchased on a special-order basis (including, without limitation, non-standard furniture Products) 
  • Products not purchased by Customer from VWR 
  • Products with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale 
  • Discontinued Products


E&I Cooperative: CNR01459 
Contract Term: In Effect until June 30, 2028