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B&H is the professional's source for all your educational and Creative Technology needs. Shop for photo, video, pro audio, computers and IT equipment, A/V presentation, surveillance, optics and more. USF purchasers get contract pricing through the Bull Marketplace punchout. Online ordering with B&H is quick, easy, and most of our 750,000 in-stock items are ready to ship within 24 hours of placing an order. For larger project opportunities, a dedicated account team is available throughout the entire process, from pre-sales consultations through post-sales support. All from the company you can trust…B&H.

How to Order: 

Look for B&H in Bull Marketplace, add the items to your cart and Punch Out! 


FL EDU Sales team 
Ph: (212) 239 7500 ext. 7745 
Yehoshua (Josh) Auman, Business Development Account Rep  
Ph: (212) 239 7500 ext. 2974 

Supplier Delivery Terms:

Products that are in stock and shipping ground will take 3 business days. Items that are special order will tell you around how long they will take to ship out at the time the order is placed.

Supplier Holiday Schedule

Supplier Return Policy:

B&H has a standard 30 day return policy that may be viewed here.  


E&I Cooperative: EI00221 
Contract Term: Until September 30, 2027