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Henry Schein partners with market leading companies to deliver quality, affordable medical solutions to include; Student Health Centers, Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Lab, and Pharmacy.

Henry Schein partners with over 3,000 suppliers in the health care industry.


We have a network of specialists to streamline and support your unique needs.

As one of the largest distributors servicing the University space, Henry Schein leverages its relationships with over 3,000 manufacturer partners, competitively bid-purchasing cooperatives and GPOs (when applicable) to drive down costs and keep you compliant.




Henry Schein is a Full Line Medical and Equipment Distributor

  • Medical supplies
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Equipment & treatment room supplies
  • Pharmaceutical, vaccine, and flu supplies
  • Education supplies
  • Athletic supplies
  • Training and simulation supplies

 MedPro | Properly manage, remove, and dispose of regulated

  • Medical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Sensitive documents

 TeleHealth | Virtual Care Platform

  • MedPod

How to Order:

Look for Henry Schein in Bull Marketplace, add the items to your cart and Punch Out!

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Customer Service  
Ph: (800) 472 4346 
General Medical  
Ph: (800) 329 9109

General Athletics & Schools  
Ph: (800) 323 5110

John Cole, Medical Field Rep.  
Ph: (727) 458 2757

Dan Shul, Sports Medicine Rep.  
Ph: (954) 647 7324

Jacqueline Wasilko, Inside Rep.  
Ph: (631) 454 3649 

Chris Lengle, Corporate Account Manager 
Ph: (717) 877 9093

Bradley Patterson, Director University Medica/Athletics & Schools  
Ph: (930) 636 9169 

Supplier Delivery Terms:

Our primary objective in sourcing partners is to maintain control and ensure the highest quality products are distributed through our channels. Henry Schein’s quality management systems are aligned to FDA compliant practices ensuring proper monitoring for storage, transportation, and all necessary controls.

Rely on Henry Schein to be just on time, during busy weekend sporting events or for demanding clinical needs. Henry Schein’s 5 Mega Distribution Centers allows for greater control and stock efficiencies with 94% of customers serviced next day.

Henry Schein is the #1 healthcare partner of global logistics leader UPS. Through this partnership, we benefit from global logistics innovation, technology, and substantial reach in even the most remote areas.

Henry Schein has put in place various inspections/checkpoints throughout the process:

Receiving Inspection – Products received are not released to storage until they have been inspected. 
In-Process Inspection – At defined stages of the process, the product is sampled and inspected. 
Final Inspection – Products ready to be shipped are randomly verified to ensure accuracy. 
Inspection Records – Records are established and maintained to provide evidence that the product has been accurately received

Supplier Return Policy:

Please contact Customer Service.


Omnia Partners Cooperative: 2021002973 
Contract Term: In Effect until January 31, 2026 with option to renew through 2029.