PCard Training

Cardholder Training Part 5

Part 5:  Competitive Quotes | Best Practices | PCard Charge Reconciliation | Travel Purchases | Supplier Diversity

Competitive Quotes

competitive quotes


Best Practices

PCard Charge Reconciliation

Travel Related Information

travel table 1

Travel Charges Not Allowable on PCard


  1. This applies to both airfare and hotels.
  2. This applies where self-parking is available.
  3. For example: Toll device, GPS device, roadside assistance, etc.
  4. This applies to upgrades beyond economy and coach seating.

This is not an all-inclusive list of prohibited items. Please see the Travel Manual for further details.
Anytime a personal element is present in business travel a PCard should not be used.

Supplier Diversity

*Addressable Spend, upon full supplier diversity program implementation as outlined in the USFOSD Strategic Plan.

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