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Program Manager
Gwendolyn Schanda

Digital marketing is really a misnomer – there is no marketing today that is not digital. Whether you are trying to understand the new customer experience, deliver unique value to customers, or measure and report out your impact, employing technologies in novel ways is likely at the core of your competitive advantage. Staying up to date on these disruptive technologies is always a challenge — until now.

USF: The Professional Learning Experience That Gets You There

The Digital Marketing Certificate at the USF Muma College of Business is a hands-on, four-day immersion program where students learn to apply principles and techniques that drive success in marketing in the digital age. Students get to solve real-world challenges and use practices developed by top companies, while digital marketing experts and professional instructors guide them through every step. Throughout the program, students continuously build their own toolset and develop a unique, personalized digital marketing portfolio. This program helps students

  • Develop strategies applying to their business.
  • Eliminate barriers and develop a customer-centric innovation mindset.
  • Break through silos to bring their organization together on behalf of their customers.
  • Gain customer insights and turn ideas into action.

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