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Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate

Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate

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Visionary leaders know that growing the business, gaining a competitive advantage and positioning the company for future success requires immediate action.

This certificate will help people at all levels learn how to do that. Taught by experts from the USF Muma College of Business, this seven-module program, is targeted toward business professionals, whether currently employed or furloughed due to the crisis.

Program Details

  • Format: Online
  • Dates: Feb. 22 - Apr. 12, 2021
  • Time: Sessions will be recorded so users may view any time
  • Modules: 7
  • Fee: $250.00
  • Location: Online

Registration is open until February 22, 2021

Careers-Driven Benefits

Navigate the transition from the crisis to the new normal Establish effective communication and coordination across the supply chain
Recruit, organize, evaluate, and lead a resilient team Seize opportunities focused on key competitive advantages
Leverage key data to model, analyze, and visualize multiple possible scenarios Capitalize on core competencies to serve the customer
Assess and mitigate risk and security during business continuity and recovery Apply critical financial tools and techniques to restructure, recapitalize, and reignite growth

With This Certificate You Will Learn

Module 1

Strategies and tools, you can use now to break free of historical thinking to open the future for innovation and growth.

Module 2

How to assess changing customer preferences and how to reach customers with digital marketing.

Module 3

How supply chains work and upcoming changes that will become inputs for future decision making.

Module 4

How to remove emotion from decisions by making data driven fact-based decisions.

Module 5

Assess the risk and opportunity for your company and your customers by applying finance and accounting.

Module 6

What a Chief Risk Officer does and how risk management increases a company's value.

Module 7

When to shift your messaging, how to identify customers who will and can buy from you and develop a practical understanding of tools you can use to plan for the next disruption.