C200 Reachout at USF

Who is the Committee of 200?

The Committee of 200 is an organization of leading women in business dedicated to fostering growth and increasing opportunities for women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders worldwide. Membership is by invitation only, drawn from the highest ranks of women executives in successful private and public companies. Together, C200's 400-plus members represent more than 100 industries in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America. C200 members employ more than 2.5 million people and generate more than $200 billion in annual revenues.

What is Reachout?

The members of C200 share their success with MBA and college students through the C200 Foundation's signature Reachout programs. Through these intensive one-day events at leading academic institutions worldwide, C200 members share their expertise and insights with women who are future leaders in business.

Members spend a day participating in panels, roundtable discussions, and networking with the students to encourage them to pursue leadership careers in business. Students help to design the curriculum for the day so that it responds to the issues that are most pressing as they ponder their post-MBA careers. Participating students are given the opportunity to apply for one of three C200 Scholar Awards of $10,000 each.