Richard A. Corbett Digital Wall Content Guidelines / Submission Specifications

The USF Muma College of Business Richard A. Corbett Digital Wall is located in the atrium of the business building and includes 32, 55" LCD monitors that will display up to eight different feeds. Typically, the video wall will be live from 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, during the typical academic year. A gift from businessman and philanthropist Richard Corbett, the video wall features live news and information targeted toward an audience of business students as well as content intended to inform students of college-specific or university-wide events, programs and resources.

These guidelines will help answer most questions related to the wall's content and submission requests. Additional questions should be directed to

What Kind of Content is Shared on the Wall?

The video wall includes live news feeds, a stock ticker, videos about college programs, and information specific to USF business students. Additional videos and images intended to inform students of targeted events, programs and resources may also be shared. Additional content may include:

  • News related to college events, career preparedness and guest speakers.
  • Videos or images related to campus-wide events or programs.
  • Student, faculty, and donor spotlights.
  • Certain TED talks or similar inspirational or professional development videos.

The USF Muma College of Business Dean's Office, specifically the communications and marketing team, manages wall content.

  • USF Muma College of Business departments can submit requests for content inclusion.
  • Other USF (non-Muma College of Business) departments may submit requests for university-wide events, lectures or news.
  • Business student organizations may submit content (such as teasers for events or promoting guest speakers).
  • Requests to promote external events, strictly social events, or non-academic fraternity/sorority recruitment events will not be approved. Promotions for other organizations/events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Advertisements for commercial products or services are prohibited.

How Do I Submit Content for the Wall?

  1. Read the timing, technical specifications and design FAQ/notes that follow.
  2. Email high-quality files to

What is the Timeline for Submitting Content? How Long can Approved Content Run?

Submission requests should be submitted for approval a minimum of one full week prior the requested start date. Generally, content will be on display for a maximum of two weeks, but some events (Career Connections, Employer Info Sessions, etc) may be posted for a longer period. The college reserves the right to change, delay or halt regular programming for special events, maintenance, system updates, etc.

How Do I Post Content on the VIDEO Wall If I Have Reserved the Atrium for an Event?

Organizations/departments that have reserved the atrium for events should not assume that the wall is part of the room reservation.

  • Groups that want to use the video wall during an event in the atrium must request technical assistance when reserving the room and should not assume approval simply because a request is submitted. Requests will be approved based on availability of a member of the communications team who can operate the wall.
  • All content must follow the technical specifications noted below and must be submitted at least one week prior to the event. Staff are unlikely to be available to test/tweak presentations immediately prior to an event.
  • All files to be used during events must be available on a jump drive; no laptops will be connected to the wall and those who do not submit files early may not be able to test files prior to their event.
  • PowerPoint files with video should not link to streaming videos. Videos should be embedded properly and files should be packaged in PPT to ensure that all videos operate as expected. Packaging files also ensures that non-standard fonts used in the presentation will appear as desired. Package at highest quality.

Technical Specifications and Design Suggestions

USF Muma College of Business staff will not be available to design content in most cases. Content should be ready to post when submitted. Content will not be posted to the video wall if it is poorly designed/created (ex: content includes too many words or improper grammar/capitalization, content is not easily readable, resolution is poor, or content appears sloppy or unprofessional).

  1. All submissions must be submitted at (w x h) 1920 px x 1080 px. 
  2. Note that the required sizing is different from a standard 8.5 x 11 flier. Adding a solid color in the background or bars on the side of an improperly sized image does not make improperly sized content qualify for approval.
  3. Artwork must be created using professional design/video production programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, or PhotoShop (among others). Avoid using programs such as Publisher or Paint.
  4. IMPORTANT: Export art at as a JPG at 72 ppi.
  5. PowerPoint files must be created using a 16:9 landscape format; slides using the 4:3 format will not be considered. Portrait formats will not be accepted.
  6. Photos and logos should be high-resolution JPGs; images and logos copied from the Internet are generally low quality and will become pixelated when pushed to the wall.
  7. Videos should be created/exported at highest quality: 1080p, UHD, 4k, or 8k options are best.
  8. Videos must be in .MP4 format with a bitrate between 8-12 mbps.
  9. Links to videos posted on YouTube channels are the easiest to load onto the system.
  10. Videos must include closed captioning as most videos will be shown without audio. You must force closed captions in your YouTube Studio settings for this to work on the wall.
  11. Because some videos may be shown with audio, do not violate copyright laws when selecting music.
  12. All logo usage must follow USF and Muma College of Business logo guidelines. Do not modify, stretch, or recolor logo(s).
    • USF logo guidelines and brand color information can be found at
    • Please note that Muma is a name, not an acronym, so only the first M is capitalized.
    • Never use MCOB, LPSOA or KTSBF.
  13. Follow AP Stylebook guidelines and use everyday language when writing copy.
  14. Avoid acronyms – most people won't know what they mean.
  15. Avoid large areas of white as the spaces where the TVs meet may appear to strike through text. Avoid putting your most important information in the dead center of your file as the bezels may cross there.
  16. Remember that there are many competing images on the wall; simple and professional is almost always the best option.