Corporate Mentor Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program similar to an internship?

No. It is a complement to an internship but is not a sub­stitute for an internship. In this program students are matched with a seasoned professional who serves as a mentor and friend, one who can assist with strategies to be successful. Mentors may or may not work in the stu­dent's major field.

Why should I enroll in this program?

We connect students with a mentor whose advice and counsel can help develop intangible skills and provide insight on life in the business sector. There are workshops on résumé building, business etiquette, and networking, too.

What do I do with my mentor?

Mentors are business professionals who provide guidance and access. Student might meet their mentor for lunch, shadow their mentor for an afternoon, or tag along on a corporate presentation. Mentors and students schedule time together monthly.

Where do the mentors come from?

Participants come from companies such as Raymond James, Citi, T. Rowe Price, TECO, and many more. We could use words like encourager, coach, and friend to describe these junior and senior level executives.

Will I get a job through this program?

Several program participants have received employ­ment offers as a result of connections made through the program. It is important to note that such offers are extended based upon employment potential, not simply through participation in this program. It is not designed to be a feeder program for host companies.

What does "First-Generation" mean?

While nearly every student could benefit from this program, priority is given to students who are the first person in their immediate family to attend a 4 year-university, not including siblings.

Will I have my own academic advisor?

Eight academic advisors serve 6,000+ undergraduate students in the Muma College of Business , but participants in the Corporate Mentor Program have exclusive access to a single coordinator/advisor as long as they are enrolled in the program! Click here to contact.

Are participants considered for Corporate Mentor Program scholarships?

Yes. Once admitted to the program, students will be considered for scholarships available exclusively for active participants. Please note, in order to be considered for scholarships students must meet the national certification requirement and/or state of Florida certification requirement for being defined as a first-generation student.

The national certification for being defined as a first-generation students denote that neither parent has a 4 year degree.

The Florida certification for being defined as a  first-generation denotes that if your parents are divorced, and you live with a parent who does not have a 4 year college degree, even if the other parent does, you are consider first-generation. Additional documentation is required.