Corporate Mentor Program

Program Elements

Business & Workplace Skills and Best Practices (GEB 3033)

This course is designed to provide students in the Corporate Mentor Program with the opportunity to learn the distinct features of professional development focusing on interpersonal communication. Students take this course within the fall semester of the academic year they are admitted into the program.

Learning negotiations with the dean

Negotiations with Dean Moez Limayem

Great leaders are great negotiators. The Corporate Mentor Program equips students with the innovative negotiation strategies needed to excel at the bargaining table.

Dining etiquette class

Dining Etiquette

Proper dining etiquette is something that most people are not exposed to during everyday life, dining etiquette in a business environment can improve students confidence when meeting potential clients or senior executives. Etiquette training can help prepare students to face any business or social cocktail party, reception or networking event with poise.

Ballroom dance class

Ballroom Dance

Professional Development is about better preparing students to be able to enter the business world in any environment. One environment that many students do not get an opportunity to learn about in other classes is the formal function environment. The three week dance instruction series gives students the opportunity to practice the proper way to conduct themselves at formal dancing functions, a formal ball, company functions, or any other circumstance where formal dancing is appropriate.

Improv class


Business Improvisation workshops are held throughout the year to teach students critical communications skills necessary for business success. Students develop communication skills and are taught to think a step ahead to gain confidence in public speaking as well as professional networking settings.

Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate Mentor Program students complete on average 350+ plus Academy Prep mentoring hours. The mission of Academy Prep is, "to inspire and empower students qualifying for need-based scholarships to become future community leaders through a rigorous middle school program coupled with ongoing graduate support." Students not only give back to the community through Academy Prep, but many also give back by mentoring elementary or middle schoolers through Big Brothers Big Sisters or Junior Achievement programs.

Academy prep group by USF bull
Academy prep group

Networking and Company Tours

Professional development programs are offered just for Corporate Mentor Program participants. Corporate tours help students practice networking opportunities in real time while workshops such as "Dress for Success," "Branding Yourself," "How to Work a Room," and "Business Etiquette" give students practical instruction and tips for both professional and personal development.

Networking experience
Networking experience