Corporate Mentor Program

Mentor Information

Mentors help students clarify and achieve goals, largely by just sharing friendship and advice. Volunteers mentors are mid- and senior-level executives who agree to meet with students at least once a month for the duration of the academic year. Mentors come a variety of industries, from both large and small companies, and from both sides of the Bay. A mentor is not necessarily an authority figure, but is a wise and trusted friend who provides advice, counsel, and access. They:

  • meet the student monthly at the workplace or another business
  • provide support and encouragement from time-to-time
  • offer advice and constructive criticism
  • provide access to key organizational or professional circles
  • demonstrate qualities successful business leaders possess
  • help students clarify goals and enjoy seeing students reach them


To volunteer in the program,
call or e-mail Olivia T. Davis:
(813) 974-0557