Business Honors Program

Course Descriptions

GEB 2098 – Honors Professional Development I (offered in fall only)
This is an introductory course to the different departments, career interests and core business disciplines within the Muma College of Business. This course will also introduce you to available opportunities at USF from the study abroad program, national scholarships, the USF Career Services, and the Office of Undergraduate Research. You will also have the opportunity to discuss with trending topics featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. This course is taught during the first year.

GEB 2099 – Honors Professional Development II (offered in spring only)
This course discusses real-world business cases. Harvard Business's ten "must read" real- world business cases anchor this course along with the design of a service learning project. Students explore past and current problems in the business field and the solutions and strategies taken to solve them. This course is taught during the first year.

QMB 3253 – Business Honors Advanced Statistics (offered in fall only)
Students need a strong understanding of statistical methods to conduct research effectively as well as critically analyze
business issues. This course teaches students the various statistical methods and the techniques used to evaluate a research study and determine its results. This course is taught in the fall semester of your sophomore year. This course replaces the Business Economics Statistics I (QMB 2100) and Business Economics Statistics II course (QMB 3200)

QMB 3701 – Computational Methods (offered in spring only)
This course provides a foundation of computational research methods that can be used to augment existing research methodology skills and computational thinking principles. It introduces students to principles in the collection, preparation, and analysis of data. Students are introduced to topics in game theory, data mining, and operational intelligence. Sampling, estimation of averages, variance, hypothesis, correlation, and introductory data mining concepts are also discussed.
Prerequisite: QMB 3253 – Business Honors Advanced Statistics

XXX 4970 - Honors Thesis (offered last two/three semesters prior to graduation)
Business Honors students are expected to enroll in six credit hours of thesis work. The hours include time to conduct individual thesis research, write the resulting findings, and publicly present the thesis or creative report related to the business field. Students choose the topic in consultation with the program director and work under the direction of a faculty advisor. Students may choose to complete the same thesis research for the Business Honors Program and the USF Honors College. Students who are enrolled in both the USF Honors College and the Business Honors Program and are completing a dual thesis are expected to enroll for nine credit hours of thesis work. Refer to the Business Honors Program student handbook for further details.
Prerequisite: QMB 3701 – Computational methods