Business Honors Program


Cohort 2017

Nandini Agarwal

NandinI Agarwal
NandinI Agarwal is a dual degree student in finance and accounting, a part of Honors College and a Provost Scholar. Agarwal has lived in New Delhi, India for sixteen years and is bilingual in Hindi and English and she is pursuing an undergraduate research on the impediments that women face in India to become financially aware and independent. With interests to branch out in other skills, Nandini is part of Muma Analytics Team and is interning with TechHire. Bringing her mainland culture to USF, Agarwal is serving on the board for Students of India Association, USF Naach and USF Foodies Club and volunteers with American Red Cross regularly. Nandini plans to earn CPA and CFA licenses and work for one of the Big four accounting firms in the near future.

Derek Botts

Derek Botts
Derek Botts is a business management major. Botts spent part of the last summer volunteering at a youth camp in France helping build a two-story living space. He is involved with the Business Honors Program and the Provost's Scholars Program. Botts is also involved on campus through the Navigators, a Christian campus ministry. Botts volunteers at his church whenever he returns home as an usher and he teaches the middle and high school boys class. He seeks to use his study abroad and internship opportunities to decide a long-term career.

Lauren Bustillo

Lauren Bustillo
Lauren Bustillo is a first-generation honors student at USF. Her hard work and dedication led her to receive her EFDA certification at the age of 18. Bustillo is majoring in Global Business in hopes to pair it with Psychology to further aid her pursuit in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Currently, she volunteers with the Rotary club of Fish Hawk-Riverview and has become very involved with the Seminar for Tomorrow's Leaders. Bustillo's future plans involve attaining a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and improving companies and organizations internationally.

Michael Denny

Michael Denny
Michael Denny is from Pensacola, Florida and is a marketing major with a concentration in sports and entertainment management. Denny has experience in running a business, project planning, presenting, and is also a cream soda connoisseur. Denny plans on going into sports and entertainment and to ultimately work with the NBC over the Olympics. Denny loves teaching the youth and would one day like to found a nonprofit dedicated to educating the youth. Denny would also like to found many businesses so that he may turn all the equity he earns from those businesses into donations for charities. Denny would also like to intern at Denny's.

Meridith Doone

Meridith Doone
Meridith Doone is a first-generation USF student, and is double majoring in accounting and finance. Hoping for a brighter future, Doone moved from a small town in Ohio to Tampa, Florida to finish her final year of high school. At USF, she is a member of the Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program. Doone is an avid volunteer though the Honors College and her church while working part time teaching children gymnastics. She dreams to one day live and work in Europe with an international accounting firm.

Morgan Guse

Morgan Guse
Morgan Guse is a freshman from Tallahassee, Florida, double majoring in accounting and personal financial planning. Guse is a member of the Business Honors Program, Bulls Business Community, Bulls Business Network, and actively participates at USF's Wesley Foundation. She hopes to someday work for a large non profit organization that promotes social equality around the world. Upon graduation, Guse plans to acquire her CPA, CFP, and MBA.

Danielle Heidkamp

Danielle Heidkamp
Danielle Heidkamp is a first-generation college student majoring in business management. Heidkamp is a student of the Honors College, Bulls Business Community, who also volunteers with USF's chapters of Feeding America and Build On to help end hunger and promote education. Heidkamp plans to use her Bachelor's degree to one day own and operate a restaurant. She aspires to study abroad to widen her perspective and understanding of the world.

Grace Hutchcraft

Grace Hutchcraft
Grace Hutchcraft is an accounting major seeking a minor in marketing. In addition to her studies, she is an active member of the Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program. She loves to travel, and plans to study abroad in Galway, Ireland and Barcelona, Spain in 2018. Hutchcraft plans to fuse her creativity and passion for music with her knowledge of accounting and marketing through a career in Music Business.

Aham Ikeokwu

Aham Ikeokwu
Aham Ikeokwu is an accounting major, soon to minor in entrepreneurship. Ikeokwu has a Nigerian background and is able to understand his native language, Igbo. With a major in accounting, Ikeokwu aspires to become the chief financial officer of a major company one day. In addition to this, Ikeokwu has founded an organization where he helps local youth in his city reach their artistic endeavors. Moreover, Ikeokwu has long-term goals of one day owning a successful clothing company and recording label.

Huong Le

Huong Le
Huong Le is a first-generation college student and is part of the USF Honors College, Provost Scholars, and Business Honors Program. Le speaks English and Vietnamese and intends to learn Spanish, French, and Arabic. She majors in accounting and is looking to dual major with business analytics and information systems. Her aim is to later pursue her CPA and MAcc. Le holds membership in the USF Accounting Society and volunteers to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She dreams of staying in Florida to work for one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Ian Leibensperger

Ian Leibensperger
Ian Leibensperger is a pre-finance major looking to pursue a second major in Spanish. Leibensperger has travelled to many countries in the world. Having taken many Spanish classes, he plans on studying abroad and getting involved in international business. He plans on using these business ventures in order to help people internationally by creating a program to help others start their own businesses and improve the economy wherever they may live. Leibensperger's dream is to retire young in order to travel the world.

Jordan Mendelsohn

Jordan Mendelsohn
Jordan Mendelsohn is a first-year accounting major, minoring in criminology. Over the years, Mendelsohn has become fluent in Spanish after discovering her interest in different cultures. Post-graduation, she plans on obtaining her master's degree in accounting and becoming a CPA. Mendelsohn plans to follow a long-standing family tradition of serving her country, using her skills as a forensic accountant either in CIA, DHS, FBI or IRS and in possibly the private sector subsequently.

Anjali Parekh

Anjali Parekh
Anjali Parekh is a first-year USF honors student who is majoring in Marketing. She is of Indian descent and is a bilingual student who has visited over ten countries. Anjali plans on majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Sales while simultaneously being in multiple extracurricular activities. She is part of an international dance team that combines both her Indian culture and aspects of American hip-hop. Parekh hopes to work and travel internationally while maintaining a job as a company's marketing or sales head.

Isabella Philippidis

Isabella Philippidis
Isabella Philippidis is a marketing major with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Descending from a Mediterranean background, she is quad-lingual speaking English, Turkish, Greek, and Spanish. With a thriving passion for makeup, Philippidis plans on starting her own global environmental friendly cosmetics and skincare company. Her talent and love for music has landed her an ongoing job as a piano teacher. Philippidis' dream is to move to Greece and begin the development of testing and farming all natural products for her future company.

Adrienne Salerno

Adrienne Salerno
Adrienne Salerno is a first-year advertising major at USF. Her passion for business earned her a spot in the Zimmerman Advertising Program at USF. She has used this passion along with her fascination with fashion and cosmetics to start her own blog. Salerno soon plans on taking an internship with a local Tampa advertising agency. However, she eventually hopes to work in creative marketing for a fashion or cosmetic company.

Tyler Schulman

Tyler Schulman
Tyler Schulman is a personal financial planning major looking to minor in accounting. He serves as an active member of USF's Honors College, Business Honors Program, and Bulls Business Community. Outside of academics, Schulman is involved with the Student Finance Association, Student Investment Society, and various intramural sports teams. By virtue of his desire to help others, Schulman plans to obtain his CFP designation and become a financial advisor. His long-term aspiration is to serve as a wealth management advisor for professional athletes.

Sam Unger

Sam Unger
Sam Unger is a National Merit Scholar majoring in finance at USF. Unger plans to get a strong education through the BHP that will open many doors in the future. He is determined to work hard and efficiently to get his bachelor's degree, and continue on with a master's in the future. Unger hopes to land a job that can combine finance with his love for sports. Outside of academics, he really looks forward to enhancing his college experience by participating in extracurricular activities around campus and taking part in leadership opportunities.

Tyler Zastrow

Tyler Zastrow
Tyler Zastrow is a marketing major with a concentration in sport and entertainment management and a member of the Honors College. Zastrow speaks both English and German, and plans on studying abroad in both Italy and Florence in this summer and eventually intern somewhere overseas. After graduating, he hopes to one day get a high level front office position with a professional sports franchise.

Cohort 2016

Ryan Burton

Ryan Burton - Scranton, PA
Ryan Burton is from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is double majoring in Finance and marketing. He is the 2016 Business Honors Program Representative, and member of the Bulls Business Network, Bulls Business Community, and Business Honors Service Association. Apart from business, Burton is also a part of USF's Honors College, planning on researching the ebb and flow of the stock market. Dedicated to service, Burton plans on studying abroad and going on service trips to foreign countries.

Ayush Chauhan

Ayush Chauhan - Tampa, FL
Ayush Chauhan is a finance major looking to minor in economics. Chauhan was born and raised in India and speaks Hindi. Chauhan is a member of the Student Finance Association and plans to join the Future Business Leaders of America- Phi Beta Lambda society. Chauhan is a player on the USF Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team. He plans to work for a bulge bracket bank as an investment banker in New York City.


Samantha Hann

Samantha Hann - St. Augustine, FL
Samantha Hann is an accounting major with a strong interest in pursuing a minor in criminology. Hann plans on earning the CPA designation and becoming a forensic accountant. She is a part of the Bulls Business Community, the Business Honors Program, and is currently a student-athlete at USF as a member of the All-Girl Cheerleading team. Hann's career goal is to one-day work for the FBI investigating financial crimes as a forensic accountant.

Jad Hasbini

Jad Hasbini - Riverview, FL
Jad Hasbini is an accounting major looking to double major in finance. Of Lebanese descent, Hasbini speaks English, Arabic, and continues to study French. Avidly interested in architecture, Hasbini plans on working in residential construction after graduation in addition to pursuing CPA certification. Hasbini is a member of the USF Accounting Society and Rotaract Club and is planning to use these experiences to research the ethical considerations of tax evasion. His dream is to work as a builder-developer in Tampa.

Jessica Kelso

Jessica Kelso - Tampa, FL
Jessica Kelso is a finance major in the Applied Securities Analysis program, Business Honors Program, Honors College, and Provost Scholars Program at the University of South Florida. As part of USF's Student Managed Investment Fund, Kelso manages a portfolio of $1,000,000 in a team of 12 students. Kelso studied abroad at University of London Birkbeck in the summer of 2017. She held a position on the Executive Board of Zeta Tau Alpha, serving as Academic Achievement Chair to 130 women and managing a budget of $7,000. Kelso has become an active member within the Panhellenic community, having been chosen as one of 44 women to represent the values of the National Panhellenic Association as a Rho Gamma. Serving others is of paramount importance to Kelso, making her passionate and enthusiastic about ZTA's philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness.

Holly Lippman

Holly Lippman - Bernardsville, NJ
Holly Lippman is global business major with a concentration in marketing and an expected minor in Spanish language. Her passion is traveling: she loves to learn about other cultures and plans to study abroad multiple times throughout college. Lippman is specifically interested in exploring Peru and Ghana. When she is not busy with schoolwork, you can often find her with a camera in her hand, as she is a published photographer. Lippman's dream job is to work for a non-governmental organization outside the United States that focuses on women's education.

Dylan MacFarquhar

Dylan MacFarquhar - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Dylan MacFarquhar is a finance major and member of the USF Honors College. He has an internship background in insurance and risk management, and is interested in working in investment banking. MacFarquhar has also contributed over 400 hours of community service towards environmental and educational causes. He plans on moving to New York after graduation to work for a Wall Street financial firm.


Craig Palaca

Craig Palaca - Fleming Island, FL
Craig Palaca is a business analytics and information systems major looking to minor in Japanese language. Palaca is a first generation American born to Filipino parents. Majoring in data analytics, Palaca plans on having a concentration in cybersecurity. Palaca enjoys analyzing and investing in the stock market in his free time. His dream is to work for the CIA upon graduation.

Mariam Raza

Mariam Raza - Wesley Chapel, FL
Mariam Raza is a global business major with a concentration in finance. In addition to being a member of the Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program, Raza is also a Provost Scholar. She is interested in globalization and expanding her perspective by studying abroad in Europe and Asia. After graduating, Raza plans to pursue an MBA at a high ranking business school.

Spencer Whipple

Spencer Whipple - Tampa, FL
Spencer Whipple is an accounting major who is pursuing a career in financial advisory. After graduating, he intends to obtain his MBA, CFP, and CPA, and his primary long-term aspiration is to establish a private, family run financial advisory firm with his older brother. Whipple is also a passionate and adept musician, specializing in violin, guitar, and vocal performance, and he has competitively and recreationally enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee for over 10 years.

Cleon Wilson

Cleon Wilson - Mandeville, Jamaica
Cleon Wilson is a global business, finance and Spanish major and is pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship, who was born and raised in Jamaica. He is a first generation college student who speaks both English and Spanish, and is currently studying French. Wilson became fascinated with investments, and the world at large, at a young age and hopes to establish a multinational corporation. He is currently pursuing a Black belt in Taekwondo and holds a First Degree Black Belt in Seido Karate. In his spare time, Wilson enjoys fixing technology and learning about new cultures. In his later life he hopes to enter representational politics.

Emelie Wolgast

Emelie Wolgast - Arcadia, FL
Emelie Wolgast is a third generation college student majoring in advertising. Wolgast plans to work at a record label promoting new artists. She is a member of both the Honors College and the Zimmerman Advertising Program. Wolgast volunteers with the USF Bulls Radio, and is a member of the Honors College Student Council Advertising Committee. Her dream is to have promoted a band or musician that becomes featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Julianne Woodard

Julianne Woodard - Orlando, FL
Julianne Woodard is a second-generation USF student from Orlando, Florida. Woodard has a passion for travel and an intense curiosity for culture, inspiring her to become fluent in Spanish. She plans to attain a major in finance as well as a minor in Spanish. Woodard participates in Best Buddies at USF, an organization working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her dream is to go to graduate school for her MBA and work for a Fortune 500 Company involving global business.

Cohort 2015

Dhalia Bumbaca

Dhalia Bumbaca - Toronto, Canada
Dhalia Bumbaca is an international business major from Toronto, Canada. Bumbaca is a member of the Bulls Business Community, where she serves as a mentor, as well as the Business Honors Program. Outside of academics, she is a part of USF's club rugby team and captain of her organizations intramural teams. Due to her Italian background and eight years of French, she plans to study languages while in college. Having completed a study abroad program in Florence, Italy, she plans to continue her educational travels with the ultimate goal of understanding business at both the national and international level.

Emily Capley

Emily Capley - Melbourne, FL
Emily Capley is an international business major with a concentration in finance. Capley was the co-captain of the women's varsity track team for her junior and senior year in high school. Capley was a part of the Business and Finance Academy for four years. Capley is part of the Bulls Business Network, Bulls Business Community, and the Bulls Honors Service Association. She plans to research the effects of societal trends on the overall global market.

Brandon Dusseau

Brandon Dusseau - Kissimmee, FL
Brandon Dusseau is a management information systems major and is pursuing a minor in marketing. He is actively involved in the Bulls Business Community and is the Secretary for the Business Honors Service Association. Dusseau graduated high school as top 25 and made the dean's list at Valencia College. He plans to study the effects of computers in the workplace and pursue a career in technology consulting.

Alexandra Florescu

Alexandra Florescu - Făgăraș, Romania
Alexandra Florescu is double majoring in management of information systems and finance and plans on researching information and data preservation. Originally from Făgăraș, Romania, she is a first-generation college student who speaks fluent Romanian, Italian, and English, as well as conversational French. She is currently the president of the Business Honors Service Association and an active member of the Honors College, the Business Honors Program, and the Bulls Business Community.

Konstantin Lazarevic

Konstantin Lazarevic - Tampa, FL
Konstantin Lazarevic is an international business major. He is the 2015 Business Honors Program cohort representative and is also involved in the Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Service Association. Lazarevic is a first-generation college student who graduated high school with honors and played multiple varsity sports. He plans to study abroad at the Florence University of the Arts in the summer in order to get a better grasp on international business practices.

Jessica Leite

Jessica Leite - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jessica Leite is an international business major with a concentration in finance. Being of Brazilian and Polish descent, Leite speaks both Portuguese and Polish. She is interested in expanding her global knowledge by studying abroad in Europe and South America. She plans on being involved in student organizations such as GloBull Ambassadors and Bulls Business Community. Her passions include learning languages, meeting new people, and participating in school events. Her dream is to work in Zurich, Switzerland as part of the FIFA Finance Committee.

Kelsy Letko

Kelsy Letko - Pittstown, New Jersey
Kelsy Letko is double majoring in finance and marketing. She graduated high school with high honors and was the senior captain for gymnastics. She is on the Relay for Life Committee and is the Financial Chair for Her Campus. Letko plans to write her thesis on prestige and salary in the finance industry. She hopes to move to New York City after graduating to work for a prominent financial firm.



Sarah Subko

Sarah Subko - Brandon, FL
Sarah Subko is pursuing a degree in advertising. Throughout her time at USF, she plans to research how to reach target audiences. She is a very involved student. Subko is a black belt in judo and a two time state champion in wrestling. She has also volunteered her time by teaching children self-defense, as well as spending her time at the Emergency Care and Health Organization.

Sergio Victores

Sergio Victores - Weston, FL
Sergio Victores is a finance major looking to minor in political science. He is currently the 2016 Vice President of the BHSA, a member of the Business Honors Program and the Bulls Business Community, and a brother of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. In high school he graduated with honors, lettered in varsity football, and was an international finalist in DECA. He plans to research how political ideology affects investment in his thesis.

2014 Cohort


Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez - Gansevoort, NY
Daniel Rodriguez is a dual major in accounting and finance from Saratoga Springs, NY. He is a volunteer firefighter for the Wilton Fire Department. He plans to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Daniel is also a member of the National Honor Society and was nominated to attend the National Young Leaders Conference in summer 2013. He plans on applying for internships that will help him prepare for a career in finance/accounting.