Business Honors Program


Each year, freshmen in the Business Honors Program have the opportunity to design a service learning project to aid community development. Additionally, Business Honors students take part in various outreach programs within and outside the country. Business Honors student projects include:

  1. Noble Guides: Noble Guides is a non-profit volunteer service organization founded by Business Honors students from Cohort 2010. The project partners with organizations in the Tampa Bay area to providing academic and environmental assistance to communities. Some of the events they have participated are the Ronald McDonald 5K and work for Habitat for Humanity.
  2. Sporting for Service - BHP: This service learning project, designed by students from the Business Honors Program Cohort 2011, organizes sports tournaments to benefit local organizations. Team proceeds from registration fees will go towards the organization that they are trying to support.

Business Honors students are also involved in various volunteer programs within and outside USF. Some of these inspiring programs include:

  1. School Supplies for Afghan Children: This is an initiative by USF students geared towards providing school supplies to children in Afghanistan. They lend a hand to raising funds and donations of school supplies that are shipped to deprived communities in Afghanistan.
  2. Nutre Hogar: This is a non-profit organization in Panama that treats, prevents and fights against malnutrition in children. Students help raise funds collected from donations and selling cookies to help keep the organization afloat.
  3. Bulls Service Break Program: One goal of the USF Bulls Service Break program is to raise awareness of social issues and injustice through education and intensive service learning experiences. This past year, students took time off during spring break to make a difference in New Orleans, Louisiana helping with hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
  4. Play India: This is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide children located in small villages and slums in India with sporting materials such as soccer balls and cleats.