Ph.D. in Aging Studies

Ph.D. in Aging Studies

The Ph.D. in Aging Studies program is a campus-wide, interdisciplinary research training program, hosted by the School of Aging Studies and governed by faculty from throughout the USF campus. Students select research mentors from faculty throughout the USF campus and develop individually tailored training programs, generally focused in one of four areas:

First-year students are supported by Fellowships and receive tuition waivers and health insurance. Students in subsequent years are supported by Fellowships, Research Assistantships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which include tuition waivers. Students often assemble dissertation committees that include faculty from multiple departments and disciplines.

Some examples of dissertation research completed by graduates from the Ph.D. in Aging Studies program are:

Aging and Health

Aging and Mental Health

Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer's Disease

Public Policy and Long-Term Care

Graduates from the Ph.D. in Aging Studies Program have taken research and teaching positions in academia, government, and private consulting.

Students may also apply for the program as part-time students, but must meet additional admission criteria.