Victor Molinari, Ph.D., ABPP

Victor Molinari

Emeritus Professor (PhD, Memphis State University, 1979)

Phone: (813) 974-1960
Office: MHC 1320
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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Molinari joined USF in 2002 and has made many distinguished contributions both to the field of clinical geropsychology, and to USF and the School of Aging Studies. He is the former president of the American Board of Geropsychology (ABGERO), past- president of the Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs,  and a former member of APA’s Task Force on Serious Mental Illness and Severe Emotional Disorder. He is a former member of APA’s Committee on Aging, the past national coordinator for the Psychologists in Long Term Care (PLTC), and the past president of the American Psychological Association's Society of Clinical Geropsychology. He is a fellow of APA 's Division 20 (Adult Development & Aging) and the Behavioral and Social Sciences section of The Gerontological Society of America. 

Dr. Molinari was a major force in the successful effort to gain recognition for Professional Geropsychology as a professional specialty by the American Psychological Association. As a part of this effort, he worked through the American Board of Professional Psychology, and became President of the American Board of Geropsychology, and President of the Professional Geropsychology Specialty Council. Attainment of board certification for Geropsychology has been a dream of clinical psychologists working in aging for decades. This is the equivalent of board certification in medical specialty areas.

During his time at USF, Dr. Molinari has made important contributions to the training of PhD in Aging Studies students, and research on psychological aspects of aging. He chaired or co-chaired 13 PhD committees for Aging Studies students and was a member of 23 additional dissertation committees. Dr. Molinari was very generous in his efforts to publish with our PhD students, coauthoring dozens of articles in peer reviewed journals with students. Many of his former students have gone on to achieve major distinctions in careers in aging. Dr. Molinari was also a very popular instructor for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students. His extensive practical experience in aging and mental health was of great value in preparing students for the complications they would encounter in the real world of clinical care.

Dr. Molinari remains active in the School of Aging Studies, particularly mentoring PhD students and collaborating on research projects. Because of these many contributions, Dr. Molinari received the honor of designation of Emeritus Faculty upon his retirement in 2023.