Baker Act Reporting Center

About the Center

The Baker Act Reporting Center is located in the Department of Mental Health Law & Policyde la Parte Florida Mental Health InstituteCollege of Behavioral and Community Sciences at the University of South Florida. The Center is operated on behalf of the Florida Department of Children and Families. Baker Act receiving facilities statewide submit to us forms used to initiate involuntary (Baker Act) examinations.  Clerks of Court statewide submit to us petitions and orders for involuntary inpatient placement and involuntary (outpatient) services. 

Data entered from these forms are used to produce statutorily mandated reports that add insight into Florida's mental health systems. The primary purpose of this website is to provide information about document submission from mandated reporters (Baker Act receiving facilities and Clerks of Court) and to disseminate results of analyses of the Baker Act data. A secondary purpose of this website is to provide information to address the most common types of inquiries we receive, given the number of inquiries we receive from consumers and families seeking assistance.